Good Times

Season 6 Episode 3

Florida's Homecoming: The Wedding

Aired Unknown Sep 23, 1978 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Sweet Daddy's piranha (in his office in the fish tank) look an awful lot like peaceful Silver Dollar fish.

  • Quotes

    • J.J.: (exiting the bathroom dressed for the wedding) If Ginger Rogers were here she would swear I was Fred Astaire. (to Florida and Willona) What do you think?
      Willona: You look more like Mr. Peanut.

    • :Thelma, you may be my sister and you may be getting wed, but that don't change the fact that you're still a coconut head.
      :You know J.J., you remind me of a writing utensil, when you stand on your head, you look like a pencil.
      :Thelma, even though you look better than I've ever seen you, if the school for ugly ever gave out a crown, they'd queen you.
      :J.J. brother, last night on TV I thought I saw your face, but the sign says it was a black ugly creature from outer from outer space.
      :Michael, you may be smart when it comes to books, but looking at your face I wouldn't comment on looks.

    • Sweet Daddy: J.J. my man, you in trouble...

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