Good Times

Season 3 Episode 5

Florida's Rich Cousin

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1975 on CBS

Episode Recap

Part One: JJ has no inspiration for his latest painting and it devolves into more arguing when Florida and Willona come in. She tells the kids that they better not be arguing when James comes in, saying that he's been more upset lately. Michael tells Florida that James may be going through male menopause. She suggests the kids try do something nice for him. Thelma mentions the $325 dentist bill that came from JJ's 12 cavities. Florida says the bill has to be paid. This leads to JJ and Thelma arguing when James comes home. He has to slam the door twice to get them to stop, then grounds them both for a month. He also grounds Michael, even though he wasn't yelling. When Willona tries to get him to change his mind, James grounds her too. She says she's going to leave and never come back; James replies, 'Until tomorrow.' JJ tries to help James with his coat, but James tells him 'not to be grinnin' at me with then $325 teeth,' so JJ pretends he has none. James says he's not paid off the bill Florida's gall bladder operation yet. He says he's tired of always being behind. Florida reminds him that they decided that they would ask her cousin Edgar for a loan. He says he doesn't want to ask him for the money. She says that they asked before and always paid off every cent, but James says they need $500 now and they have never asked for that much before. He also says that he hates that Edgar is so nice about everything and it sticks in his craw. He says they borrowed from him when they first got married and they still are, which means that they haven't moved one inch in 20 years. Florida says that they have a family, but James says all he will leave the world is a tombstone that reads 'Here lies James Evans, back in the hole again!' Florida says he's just tired, so James says he will go lay down before dinner. JJ tries to make a joke but James calls him Dr. Cavity. Michael asks if it isn't male menopause but Florida says it's male pride that is bothering him. She also says that she has invited Edgar and his wife Betty for dinner and hasn't told James about it. When she does, he says he won't be there. He leaves the bedroom only to find the kids, who were listening in, trying to act nonchalant. He grabs his coat and says he's going out, and won't be back until he gets back. He slams the door as he leaves and Michael says he forgot his keys. JJ says it doesn't matter because he broke the lock.
Part Two: James is at a local bar lamenting over his situation. A drunk who complains about all the Chicago sports teams constantly bugs him. He tells the bartender that he'll hate himself no matter if he asks Edgar for the money or not. He decides he'll tell Edgar what he can do with his money. He leaves and the drunk calls him a pest. JJ says that he has a plan to ask Edgar for the money: 'Get him bombed!' Edgar and Betty arrive before James comes home. JJ starts giving Edgar wine until Florida tells him to stop. When asked where James is, the family hems and haws until Florida comes clean. Betty says they would love to help but they don't have the money because Edgar lost his job and hasn't worked in three months. He doesn't want to talk about it anymore. James comes in and speaks his mind to Edgar until Florida tells him that he's broke. The family starts talking about how good Florida is at budgeting. Betty tells them that Edgar has been out looking for work and it won't be long until he gets another job. However, he says these prospects are not working out, that either he is too old or too educated to find work. He didn't tell Betty because he didn't want her to know. He says that when he goes out, dressed for interviews, and sees movies. He says he hopes no one recognizes him when he comes out. Betty says she can get a job, but he says he's in too deep. He says he has no stomach for dinner and leaves. A crying Betty apologizes and leaves after him. Florida says he will bounce back soon. She says while they have been living in the basement and Edgar in the penthouse, it's a shorter drop from the basement. James says that just once, he'd like to get in the penthouse; that he may fall or he may not, but it would be nice to be there for a while, just 'teetering.'
Epilogue: Florida asks JJ if he brushed his teeth in the morning and he says yes. She asks if he's been brushing before bed and he says yes. She then asks if he's been eating sweets and he says no, that he's been really watching it. He shows her his latest painting, one that he will frame and hang up: a candy bar.