Good Times

Season 3 Episode 5

Florida's Rich Cousin

Aired Unknown Oct 07, 1975 on CBS



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    • Thelma: Cousin Edgar's been out of work for three months, Daddy!
      James: Huh. And the politicians say there ain't no depression.
      Michael: Heh! That's 'cause they the only ones workin'!

    • James: You know what I'm gonna leave the world when I go, Florida? A tombstone that reads: 'Here lies James Evans, back in the hole again!'

    • Willona: (to JJ) 12 cavities? Honey, what you been brushing your teeth with, hot fudge sundaes?

    • (Despite Edger's trying to keep Betty quiet, her blind confidence in him force's him to tell her the hard truth)
      Betty: Oh we won't have any problem. No problem at all, right dear?
      Edger: Wrong, dear. Dead wrong.
      Betty: I don't understand.
      Edger: I didn't want to talk about it. but if you want me to tell it to you in front of the family, in front of the whole world, alright. I don't have any prospects!
      Betty: But you told me at those interviews they --
      Edger: They, "they," yeah, well they all have the same line: "We're sorry Mr. Edwards, there's nothing for you today. Nothing around." If there is anything around, you think they're going to call me, a man of my age with all those kids fresh out of college just begging for jobs, working at half my price?
      Betty: Honey, I didn't know --
      Edger: No, no, no, you wanted to hear it, well you just sit quiet and hear it all. When I tell them I'll work for less, they run and hide behind their big fat desk, they think I'm too ready to collect a pension. So I'm down to maybe one interview a week.
      Betty: Well you get dressed and leave the house every day, what do you do with yourself?
      Edger: What do I do with myself? I go to a movie. And I watch it five times! You know what it's like walking out of a theater at 4:30 in the afternoon knowing you should've been at work? You roll your coat collar up and pray you don't meet anybody you know.
      James: Yeah but, Edger, a man with your education --
      Edger: Yeah, sure, I can't even get a job at a car wash. I'm too educated for a good hot wax!
      Betty: Honey, I can get a job. I know I can.
      Edger: Sure you can, then we can pay the gas bill, the electic bill, we have got a house with a mortgage, a car, a kid in college -- we're just in too deep. I can't make it. What's happening to me now is there is NO TOMORROW!

    • Florida: (to James) You know honey, we may have been in the basement all our lives, and Betty and Edger has been in the penthouse, but it sure is a shorter drop from the basement.

    • James: I'm tired of being a loser.
      Drunk: So are the Bears, and the White Sox, and the Cubs. This town is full of losers. If we had a city lottery, everyone would lose!
      James: Nigger, do I know you?

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