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James and Wilona - anything going on

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    I always wondered if it was possible for James to have an affair with Wilona. Florida always played the goody 2 shoes, I'm sure that got old after awhile. James always appreciated and pretty face and body (the Wiggler, Ms December). James and Wilona both worked, James had 2 jobs sometimes so it would not be hard for them to pull it off. Sometimes its the people you least expect.

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    I never thought about that but if it DID go down like that it would make for a three to four part episode. It would address the issue of infidelity and forgiveness on Florida's part. Brother mike you hit it on the nose with James liking fine women... I agree it would work for a limited time because we all know Wilona could NOT keep her mouth shut.. It would also test the friendship between the two friends.We only saw them disagree about the janet jackson character getting pregnant "stomach mumps".

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    Now you both know James did not even like Willona. He couldn't stand her gossiping, plus they did not agree on much. But shame on you for even entertaining the thought! That show for its time did its best to depict a poor Black American family(yes, I said BLACK, not AFRICAN AMERICAN ) and their struggles. Most television shows today are poorly written and have to have a rating attached to them. So sad...don't taint a great sitcom with thoughts of a reality show. Besides, didn't they have enough drama??

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    What's really funny is that Esther Rolle was like 20 years older than John Amos! She's old enough to be his mother. Wilona doesn't look more than maybe a few years older than John, if any. They would be a better couple. That is, if they got along, but I love when they take swipes at each other. And they all act like they've know each other since they were kids, which we know is not possible.
    They really did show that Florida and James were really in love though. He always called her 'baby' and sometimes you could see them dancing or kissing. I wished I had parents like that!
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