Good Times

Season 2 Episode 10

Gang, The - Part 2

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1974 on CBS
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Gang, The - Part 2

J.J. is recovering after being shot by Mad Dog, which only turned out to be a flesh wound. Meanwhile, a vengeful James presses charges against Mad Dog but a worried Florida is afraid James's anger will take over before the law does.

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  • This was the conclusion of when J.J. was forced to join The Satan Knights right before the big fight against their rivals, The War Lords. The gang leader, Mad Dog, shot J.J. because he refused to join.moreless

    James was extremely angry that that thug Mad Dog shot J.J. and wanted to even up the score. He and Florida had several arguments throughout this episode because James kept ignoring Florida's repeated urgings to forgive and forget, since Mad Dog was in custody and waiting for the law to handle the situation. James can hardly be blamed for his vengeful tactics but needed to realize that the law didn't recognize his eye for an eye philosophy.

    Mad Dog showed no remorse during the hearing, acted very smug and disrespectful, pled guilty and threw himself at the mercy of the court. The judge had no choice but to place him on probation due to overcrowding at the reformatory and the state penetentiary, as well as Mad Dog's juvenile age preventing him from serving at such a place.

    Just as the audience was to shriek in disgust over Mad dog's lenient sentence, his mother told him she no longer loved him and was disowning him, because he was such a bad egg. James decided to let Mad Dog go out of pity when he realized mad dog was bitter about his father leaving him as a young child.moreless
Ja'net DuBois

Ja'net DuBois

Willona Woods

Esther Rolle

Esther Rolle

Florida Evans (1974-1977), (1978-1979)

John Amos

John Amos

James Evans (1974-1976)

Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker

James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

Ralph Carter

Ralph Carter

Michael Evans

Bern Nadette Stanis

Bern Nadette Stanis

Thelma Evans Anderson

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    • Mad Dog: Anything you say man.
      Judge: Refer to me as your honor. Don't call me man.
      Mad Dog: I was giving you the benefit of the doubt. With that dress on, who can tell?

    • (Florida tries to stop James from going to the courthouse to harm Mad Dog)
      Florida: Aren't you going to have some breakfast?
      James: Ain't hungry.
      Florida:Well, at least have a cup of coffee.
      James: Ain't thirsty.
      Florida: James!
      James: Huh?
      Florida: At least you can kiss me goodbye.
      James: Ain't that either!

    • James: Florida, what kind of father am I to feel sorry for the man that shot my son?
      Florida: The right kind, James. The right kind.

    • Florida: 'Vengeance is mine', says the Lord!
      James: Baby, all I wanna do is the Lord's work!

    • James: All right, baby, I said I was gonna break every bone in Mad Dog's body. I take it back. I promise, I will not break every bone in Mad Dog's body.
      : Good, James.
      James: Just the trigger finger! Just that finger, Florida! I'm gonna break it so it's pointing north, south, east and west all at the same time!

    • Judge Daniels: No vacancies? What the hell are we running here, a jail system or a Holiday Inn?

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