Good Times

Season 2 Episode 10

Gang, The - Part 2

Aired Unknown Nov 19, 1974 on CBS

Episode Recap

JJ is brought home from the hospital after he was wounded by Mad Dog. It is just a flesh wound and he was kept overnight, but Thelma thinks he will act like he just got out of major surgery. She's proven right when he staggers in the door held up by his mom and dad. They sit him in a chair and Michael gets him a glass of Kool-Aid. When Thelma insults him, he says he knows he's home. Florida says she's glad it is over, but James says it isn't over until he can get his hands on Mad Dog. Florida says the Lord will take care of him. She changes the subject by giving him pajamas he wanted and he leaps out of the chair like he was totally healthy. He goes to change into them with Michael helping him into the bathroom. Willona asks what he would like to read; he asks for the latest issue of Black Bunnies. James says that he wanted to jump for joy when he found out JJ was okay. He goes on about wanting five minutes alone with Mad Dog. Thelma says he will be put away, but James says his cohorts are walking the streets still. Florida quotes the Bible, saying turn the other cheek, but James gives her 'An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.' He walks into their bedroom and she goes in after him just as JJ comes out woth his new pajamas: bright orange long johns that say 'Dy-no-mite.' Thelma says that he looks good, then JJ grabs the wrong shoulder. They get him into bed, and Thelma drags a blanket over his face. When JJ asks for a strawberry shake and French fries, Thelma says that JJ isn't wounded, he's pregnant. Then they hear their parents arguing over James' plan to confront Mad Dog when he is sentenced. He says that he won't use the jawbone of an ass, but he will 'bust that ass' jawbone!' When Florida tells him not to misuse the Good Book, James says he will use a good left hook. Florida tries to get him distracted by reminding him about the arguments and misunderstandings they've had in the past. She tells him that they have always come together on their disagreements, but James says they won't be together on this. He does promise her that he won't break every bone in Mad Dog's body: just the trigger finger 'so it's pointing north, south east, and west all at the same time!' When Florida says that vengeance is the Lord's, James says he just wants to do the Lord's work. A week later, JJ has a dream about confronting Mad Dog. Florida has Thelma make the oatmeal so she can convince James not to go to court. She tells Thelma she has no problem with his pressing charges but she doesn't want him to get ahead of the law. James comes out whistling and putting pretzel sticks into the lapel pocket of his suit coat. When Florida asks about them, he tells her to think of them as Mad Dog's fingers and breaks one. At court, Mad Dog is disrespectful to everyone and almost trips James when he comes in. He doesn't stand when the judge comes in and chews gum. James breaks several pretzel sticks Mad Dog's face. James learns about Mad Dog's father leaving home when he was young and his mother having to work. The bailiff can't find the case file, because the file clerk transferred out. The bailiff mistakenly gives the judge his own transfer papers. Finally, they get the file, Mad Dog's mother arrives and the judge reads his rap sheet. He pleads guilty and throws himself on the mercy of the court. The judge tells James to leave. He wants to watch but the judge says only the family is needed. As he leaves, Mad Dog trips him again and says he will see him. James says he will, outside. The judge wants to put him in a juvenile facility until he is 21, but the bailiff says it is full. Then he wants to put him in county jail, but the bailiff says it has no vacancies also. This prompts the judge to yell, 'What the hell are we running here, a jail system or a Holiday Inn?!' The judge sentences him to probation until he is 21, and he is to visit his probation officer twice a week. He also says if he shows up in court again he will serve the full sentence, even in the county jail. As they leave, Mad Dog tells his mother he is in the clear, but she doesn't want to have anything to do with him anymore, that she is giving up on him. She says she prays that none of her other kids turn out bad but he says he is an example to them. She says she hates him and wishes he was never born. When she mentions his father, he says he would be a wino in the gutter. She slaps his face and leaves, and he says he doesn't need anyone. He sees James, who is sitting waiting for him, and tells him to hit him, but he refuses. Florida, who has witnessed all this, comes up to James after Mad Dog leaves. She says that even though he told her not to come, she says she was so afraid of what he might do that she had to. James laments that there are lots of guns but no place to put the people who use them. Florida says there is nothing they can do and James says he could have done something but let Mad Dog go. He then asks, 'Florida, what kind of father am I to feel sorry for the man that shot my son?' Florida tells him, 'The right kind, James. The right kind.' She takes him in her arms and comforts him.