Good Times

Season 1 Episode 3

Getting Up the Rent

Aired Unknown Feb 22, 1974 on CBS

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  • Sometimes referenced as the first episode of Good Times - The Evans Family is threated with the possibility of eviction and must find a way to get the needed rent money by day's end.

    This episode is truly funny, and it only seems right that this would be the Series Pilot since its such a strong episode.

    James' received several warnings about eviction when Florida was in the hospital for an operation.

    Not that Florida is back home, the final eviction notice rolls thru and it leaves the Evans family scrambling to find a way to meet the afternoon deadline.

    Though JJ isn't an actor for the Academy, he is still funny as Junior, the eldest child and self-proclaimed hustler. He is anxious to 'find' a source for the needed rent money but Florida is stern that she won't have such behavior from her children.

    James Sr. resorts to taking his woes to the pool hall to win the needed money, Florida seeks help from the government, and the kids derive to rally up a little hustle of their own.