Good Times

Season 2 Episode 3

J.J. Becomes a Man - Part 2

Aired Unknown Sep 24, 1974 on CBS
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J.J. Becomes a Man - Part 2

J.J. is taken down to the police station for questioning in the liquor store robbery. The family gathers there and tries to think up ways to raise enough money for J.J.'s bail and ultimately consider taking money from a loan shark.

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    Ja'net DuBois

    Ja'net DuBois

    Willona Woods

    Esther Rolle

    Esther Rolle

    Florida Evans (1974-1977), (1978-1979)

    John Amos

    John Amos

    James Evans (1974-1976)

    Jimmie Walker

    Jimmie Walker

    James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

    Ralph Carter

    Ralph Carter

    Michael Evans

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Thelma Evans Anderson

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    • QUOTES (7)

      • JJ: But they kept trying to confuse me by firing questions at me, but I kept confusing them by pleading the Fourth Amendment.
        Willona: You mean the Fifth Amendment.
        JJ: That's what confused them.

      • Willona: You look awfully familiar. Haven't we met someplace before?
        Loan Shark: Could be, foxy mama. I get around.
        Willona: Oh, yeah, I remember you. I tripped over you while you was trying to climb out the sewer.

      • Michael: Hey, Daddy, there's a brother over there. Wouldn't he let JJ out?
        James: Long as he got that uniform on, you ain't got to give his pigmentation no consideration.

      • Davis: You fit the description of the suspect: a tall, skinny young black man.
        JJ: You just described most of Chicago. And half of the NBA.

      • Michael: We gotta take this to the Supreme Court! They got a black judge there, and he don't fool around like y'all do!

      • (J.J.'s arrest has come up on the computers, losing him his job)
        James: I bet you it's them damn computers again. Now they jam me down at the department store for a payment I didn't miss, now they jammin' Junior for something he didn't do.
        Thelma: The way they work, probably ten minutes after J.J. was arrested, his record was all over the country. I bet his record is everywhere by now.
        James: Ah, baby, you can't win for losing.
        J.J.: Now wait a minute now, y'all. Let's look on the bright side of this thing. Overnight my record's at the top of the charts.

      • Woman at Police Station: You better answer her 'cuz I ain't James!

    • NOTES (3)

    • ALLUSIONS (2)

      • Willona: James, I've never said that I'm Mrs. Olson.
        She is referring to a series of commercials for Folger's Coffee (circa 1964-1985) starring actress Virginia Christine as Mrs. Olson who always proved that "the best part of waking up is Folger's in your cup".

      • J.J.: Click' click
        J.J. is referring to the series of commercials in the 70's where couples prepare for dates by taking a Certs and they would show two rolls bang into each other twice, then merge into one while the announcer would say "It's two, two, two mints in one!"