Good Times

Season 3 Episode 21

J.J. in Trouble

Aired Unknown Feb 03, 1976 on CBS
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J.J. in Trouble
When James and Florida go out of town for a family wedding, the children are left at home alone and J.J. soon begins acting like a dictator. And Thelma and Michael argue at J.J and Wilona stop them for agrue. However, J.J. is in for a shock when he receives bad news that he has given VD to an ex-girlfriend. This leads an embarrassed J.J. to debate on whether or not to visit a free clinic for treatment.moreless

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • J.J. is reading Ebony magazine at the beginning of the episode. On the front cover is the cast of another Norman Lear sitcom, The Jeffersons.

    • QUOTES (10)

      • J.J.: Everything's fine here Willona, we're not doing nothing we wouldn't do if Mom and Dad were here.
        Thelma: Yeah, J.J. always stays out until two in the morning like he did last night!
        J.J.: Thanks a lot, moose-mouth! How'd you know I came in at 2am anyhow?
        Michael: She probably heard you. She didn't get in 'till 1:30 herself!
        Willona: Now kids, I am responsible for you for the weekend, and I will not have you running about the streets all hours of the night! Is that clear?

      • ( J.J, Thelma and Michael argue)
        Wilona: hi ya, hey, hey, hey. End of round 1

      • Thelma: Now Mary Ann, J.J. doesn't have V.D., that means someone else you came in contact with does.
        Mary Ann: But Thelma you don't understand, there's only been one other person and we're getting married, we're engaged to be married.
        Thelma: Well maybe he doesn't know he has it.
        Mary Ann: But Thelma, we're engaged, how can I tell him?
        Thelma: Well the worst thing you can do is not tell him.

      • Nurse: What is the nature of your ailment?
        J.J.: Uh, I got...(whispers in her ear)
        Nurse: Well why didn't you say so? It's nothing to be embarrassed about.

      • J.J.: I thought V.D. was an older person's disease.
        Doctor: Not anymore, it's so out of control that 1 out of every 5 high schoolers will get it before they graduate.
        J.J.: And I guess the other 4 will get it after they graduate.
        Doctor: About that, and it's not the bad guy's disease anymore.

      • Michael: If discovered early enough, V.D. is 100% curable.
        J.J.: Maybe if I take some aspirin, it'll go away.
        Michael: J.J. it won't go away, the symptoms may disappear but you'll still have the disease, it can result in heart disease, blindness, it can even be fatal.
        J.J.: If Mom and Dad find out it will be fatal.
        Michael: But J.J. they don't have to find out, it says here that any free clinic can treat someone over the age of 11 for V.D. without their parents' permission.

      • Young Man: What're you here for?
        J.J.: I got a cold.
        Young Man: Cold? Everyone else is here to get tested for VD.
        J.J.: That must've been some party.
        Young Man: Where've you been, man? These people here don't know each other, VD is an epidemic. But because of the way you get it, a lot of people are too embarrassed to admit they have it. But when you get right down to it, a germ's a germ ain't it? Really, what's the difference between VD and your cold?
        J.J.: Very little.

      • J.J.: I can't go to a clinic, it's too embarrassing.
        Michael: You should've thought of that before. Don't do the crime if you can't do the time.

      • J.J.: Why couldn't it have been something else? Mumps? Measles? Dutch Elm Disease!

      • (Thelma's on the phone with Florida)
        Thelma: Hey, Ma caught the boquet at the wedding.
        Michael: Man, that ain't nothing compared to what J.J. caught.

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