Good Times

Season 3 Episode 17

J.J.'s Fiancee (1)

Aired Unknown Jan 06, 1976 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Although he is mentioned as being Thelma's date to the prom at the start of the episode, Thelma's fiancé Larry does not appear.

    • Proms are generally held in April, but this 2-parter takes place in the beginning of January.

  • Quotes

    • JJ: It's not fair. I mean, how come I can get a driver's license when I'm 16, but can't get a marriage license until I'm 21?
      James: 'Cause the state would rather have drivin' a lemon than marryin' one.

    • James: Junior, you've been in love every day that I can remember.
      JJ: Now, Dad, that's not true. Diana's different. My legs shake. My knees buckle, I breaks out into a cold sweat!
      Florida: That ain't love, JJ. That's the flu!

    • Jewelry Store Salesman: Take a look around, we have a very wide selection of rings.
      J.J.: Where do you keep your rings under $25?
      Jewelry Store Salesman: In the gumball machine.

    • J.J.: I can be the breadwinner.
      James: Junior, you're gonna have to bring home a whole loaf, not crumbs.

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