Good Times

Season 1 Episode 8

Junior the Senior

Aired Unknown Mar 29, 1974 on CBS



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    • Willona: (walking in the apartment) I smell meat. What happened? Junior mug a cow?

    • James: You know, Junior, when you was born, I just dreamed of the day that you'd go to college. I never figured on a little stumbling block called 'high school.'

    • (Florida asks JJ how he expects his grades will be)
      JJ: Well, algebra so-so, English, could be, history, maybe, and espanol, comme ci, comme ca.
      Thelma: Comme ci, comme ca is French, stupid.
      JJ: Which gives you an idea how I'm doing in espanol.

    • Florida: All right, Junior, we're gonna give you one more chance. Now if you don't answer this question, we're gonna march you straight down to the principal's office. Fair enough?
      J.J.: Fair enough. I have confidence in my ability. Go ahead, lay it on me!
      Florida: All right. What is a dangling participle?
      [J.J. goes into a moment of deep thought]
      J.J.: [putting on his hat] Well, let's go!

    • Mr. Kirkwood: You dig?
      Florida: Better, we UNDERSTAND.

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