Good Times

Season 2 Episode 24

Lunch Money Ripoff, The

Aired Unknown Mar 18, 1975 on CBS
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Lunch Money Ripoff, The
A small-fry extortionist bullies Michael into handing over his lunch and milk money on a daily basis. When the rest of the family finds out, turmoil erupts as they argue about how Michael should deal with his bully of a classmate.

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  • This episode features Douglas Grant, the bully that torments Michael previously appeared in an episode when J.J. was forced by a gang to participate in a gang war, in which he wsa shot by Mad Dog while trying to save James\' life.moreless

    Douglas Grant was not the only actor to have appeared on Good Times in diffrent roles: character actor Theodore Wilson (That\'s My mama, What\'s Happening) appeared as Sweet Daddy Williams in later seasons and the late Helen Martin appeared as Wanda and another character. Her role wsa expanded in the 3rd season.
Esther Rolle

Esther Rolle

Florida Evans (1974-1977), (1978-1979)

John Amos

John Amos

James Evans (1974-1976)

Jimmie Walker

Jimmie Walker

James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

Ralph Carter

Ralph Carter

Michael Evans

Bern Nadette Stanis

Bern Nadette Stanis

Thelma Evans Anderson

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    • Eddie: Hey, when do we eat?
      Thelma: Pretty soon. I hope you like what we're having for dinner.
      James: Hmm, there's no reason he shouldn't. He loves what we have for lunch.

    • Florida: Well, you know how your father is about studying. He means business.
      Thelma: The question is, which beating did he get?
      J.J.: Well, as we all know, Dad has three in his repertoire: the regular, the super and (removes hat, looks up toward the ceiling) the Big Mac.
      Michael: The Big Mac is right. It can really warm your buns. (rubbing his backside)

    • James: Who've you been giving your lunches to?
      Michael: I can't tell, I'll get a beating.
      Florida: Michael, your father's not going to punish you for telling the truth.
      Michael: It's not Daddy I'm worried about.

    • Florida: Michael, have you been eating your lunch every day?
      Michael: Yes, Mama.
      Florida: All of it? Even the apples?
      Michael: Yeah.
      Florida: (to James) That's odd, I haven't packed an apple in that boy's lunch for two weeks.
      Michael: Uh...Excuse me, I have to go to the bathroom.

    • Florida: It's Michael, the boy has really been hungry lately.
      Thelma: He's also been moody lately too, I wonder what's wrong with him.
      J.J.: Big appetite, real moody, I know, Michael's pregnant!

    • James: How come this fridge ain't full, Florida?
      Florida: The only way it'll be full will be if we get a smaller refrigerator.

    • Eddie: Man, nobody's ever spanked me before. James: That's because we just met.

    • Michael: Momma, do you think Daddy will really hit Eddie?
      Florida: Is a bean green?
      J.J.: Can James Brown get down?
      Thelma: Is your head dead?

    • Florida: Michael you haven't been eating your lunch all week have you?
      Michael: Um no I've been giving it away to a poor kid.
      James: To a poor -? Boy we just this side of a care package ourself.

    • (to Florida regarding J.J.)
      James: Do you ever get the feeling like I do sometimes that we might have brought the wrong baby home from the hospital?

    • J.J.: I wanted to make my favorite sandwich today, Peanut Butter and Jelly. But there wasn't no peanut butter and there wasn't no jelly. So I was forced to make a ghetto jam sandwich. Two pieces of white bread jammed together.

    • J.J.: How can you cheat at Monopoly?
      Thelma: I know I had a hotel on Boardwalk before I went into the bathroom.
      J.J.: Well you was in there so long when you came back the hotel was condemned.

    • Thelma: J.J. you ought to leave your brain to Science, it's never been used.
      J.J.: You ought to leave your face to Science they'd come up with a new bride of Frankenstein.

    • Michael: Come on Eddie this is the third time this week you've taken my lunch. I'm getting sick and tired. If you so hungry why don't you join the free lunch program?
      Eddie: I already have Evans and you are it.
      Michael: Hey man I get hungry too. What am I supposed to do?
      Eddie: Why don't you sign up for the free lunch program?

    • (to Michael)
      Eddie: You mean you actually study? You're weird!

    • Eddie: My mother won't care, I stay out for days at a time, she does too.

    • J.J.: Nobody wants to pick a fight with the brother of Kid DYNOMITE!

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