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  • Trendsetter. . .

    Right off the bat the show was a success because it showed everyone what it was like for a black family living in the projects. And its first three years were amazing, but after letting John Amos go, the series just was not the same without a central force for holding that family together. Even J.J. couldn't do it. And then having Florida leave after the fourth season, and then bring her back for the final season only made it confusing, and the additions of Penny and Keith didn't make the show any more interesting, therefore leaving it dry as it took its final bow.
  • Ok I am confused-was not MAUDE(which Esther Rolle was the maid-and got her own show) set in Tuckahoe,NEW YORK? how then did Good Times end up in Chicago? That would be a heck of a commute for anyone-let alone a maid. Someone please help me out with this o

    Ok I am confused-was not MAUDE(which Esther Rolle was the maid-and got her own show) set in Tuckahoe,NEW YORK? how then did Good Times end up in Chicago? That would be a heck of a commute for anyone-let alone a maid. Someone please help me out with this one. Thanks!!!!
  • Good Times was an incredible show that protrayed Black America in a positive light. The show was an outstanding reflection of Black Pride. And it should be syndicated today on all stations.

    Good times is outstanding, an incredible reflection of Black pride and our struggle and our desire to succeed in spite of continuing obstacles. It should be in syndication on all stations today. The show revealed the struggles of Black America and our unyielding committment to succeeding regardless of the struggle.
  • A great show on CBS. It represents the struggle blacks have to overcome and cherish the good times they have with one another.

    \"Good Times\" is a great african american show. I hope people watch this show. You could learn from their struggles. I know I did!! I love watching this show. JJ is so funny. Thelma is a fine foxy woman. The parents are wonderful. The rest of the cast are just great talented actors.
  • Watched several episodes of this and never could get into it.

    Not one of my favorite shows from the Norman Lear collection. I tried watching several episodes but didn't enjoy the humor as much as his other series.

    Even though it's not a fav of mine, I'm glad that TV Land decided to return it to the air for it's loyal fans. Shows like that one, that ran for a while on TV, should be allowed it's place in the land of the reruns.
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  • Decent Show

    Good Times to me was a show well ahead of it's time. As you know it aired during the 70's the decade right after the huge civil rights movement. It dealt with the issues most blacks had to deal with during that time. Such as poverty, family, and racism. I never found the show very funny * I was born 15 years after the show first aired* However Good Times will be known as one of the first successful shows about blacks * Before the family matters, and cosby show* It will also be known for having one of the most infamous catchphrases ever *Dynomite*, and the appearamnces by Janet Jackson. Overall, I found it to be a groundbreaking show in the 70's but in this day and age the premise is used way too often.
  • The seventies were turbulent times for minorities, and Good Times showed America how tough it really was.

    Good Times touched a nerve in us all, not only did we become fond of the characters but we learned to feel their pain. Every week we watched as the Evans family coped with Biggots, racists,thugs,and the economic pressures of the 70's.

    But like all close knit families they leaned on each other for support. The cast was endearing and we loved them all as if we knew them. It was as real as it could get, all the while opening our eyes to reality.

    Good Times was a trailblazing show in the sense that it started a trend of all-black sit-coms. The Jeffersons, What's Happening, and later the Cosby show gave us a look into black america, that most had never seen.

    I grew up watching these shows because they all had one thing in common--Humanity. We all had a friend like JJ,or Roger. We all had a Neighbor like Wilona, and we all had words with our siblings like Thelma.

    Good Times will always have a special place in the annals of TV history but more importantly,in our hearts.
  • Good Times!

    Even though the show was on TV before I was born ('79) I watched it when I was younger and I still love it to this day. It was a groundbreaking series, not just because it was based on a black family, but because it dealt with some real life issues that blacks went thru at that time. Well it did half the time. It had its mix of comedy,social issues and problems,etc. etc. It was what it was. A funny show that showed no matter how hard the struggle is you keep ya head up and keep going. Excellent Series.
  • Clasiical show

    one of the funniest shows in the 70's especially with j.j in the cast. Who i think woithout him it wouldn't of been many goodtimes because he kept everyhbody up on the show with his energetic, funny, and goofy personality. Truly a classic. I still laugh to this day. Especially when j.j. does Dynomite!!!!! If you can't remember the show no other way that is definitly one way to remember it by.
  • I've thought about collecting the DVD's to this series.

    Good Times was a good show, but it was also very depressing. John Amos played a very bitter man, and the character of Esther Rolle was so beaten - just by a hard life. I was saddened by a lot of the episodes; and even Jay Jay's timeless DYNOMIIIITE!" could not assuage the overall melancholy I felt from watching this show. Michael was angry, and Thelma was often sad. The story of Willena and the girl played by Janet Jackson - a child abuse victim was really sad. Again, this show reminded me of too many people I knew in real life. When they had the dad killed off, that was really painful to watch. All I remember was the mother pretending she was happy through the wake, and then when everyone was gone screaming, "Damn, damn, damn." It was just too sad for me.
  • Good Times was a good time.

    Good Times was a good time. I remember watching the show when I was young and laughing at JJ and his antics. It was a great show however to teach kids what respect was for their parents and what family meant. Their dad did everything to support his family. When JJ had to take over taking care of his family he stepped up to the plate. It was a comedy with sad undertones at times. It showed a side of life that is usually not shown on TV. The poor and underprivlidged. Things were not all roses for them. They showed the struggle in life and how to make the best of it.
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