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  • I love this show they were great.

    I really love this show I can watch this show all day and every day. It showed that poverty hit their family hard but they were strong as a family. I really loved it when the father was there because he was strong and he was really out there trying too take care of the family and set morals and values for the children. Florida had good ideas but she came off a a goody too shoes sometimes but she was a great mother she was there to support her children physically and mentally. Thelma was a very beautiful young lady that coame across like her mother. Michael the militant midet was funny with racial issues you learned different inflormation every week from michael. JJ was okay he was just silly but he could be serious some of the time. I wished they would come back for a reunion show.
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  • This show is so old, and people still like it.

    I think it's finny to look at the old clothes from back int the day. As far as the rest of the show, It don't seem like they live in the projects. You never heard gunshots, or the police never chase people through their house.
    I used to love this show. Now I only watch if I'm bored. I just can't sit and look at it. There is nothing to look at. You see the same room majority of the time, and they all have on basically the same colors. It's predictable. You don't have to watch the end to know what happened.
  • Watched several episodes of this and never could get into it.

    Not one of my favorite shows from the Norman Lear collection. I tried watching several episodes but didn't enjoy the humor as much as his other series.

    Even though it's not a fav of mine, I'm glad that TV Land decided to return it to the air for it's loyal fans. Shows like that one, that ran for a while on TV, should be allowed it's place in the land of the reruns.
  • Loved this shiw.DYNOMITE!!!!!!

    This show had real life matters in it from black 7 white poor spoke on the truth about 90% of the time.

    Thelma was one firecracker & Michal was a smart little fella.It was sad when james died on the show.The evans were a very Religus family.I've planed on geting the seasons on dvd.
  • Trendsetter. . .

    Right off the bat the show was a success because it showed everyone what it was like for a black family living in the projects. And its first three years were amazing, but after letting John Amos go, the series just was not the same without a central force for holding that family together. Even J.J. couldn't do it. And then having Florida leave after the fourth season, and then bring her back for the final season only made it confusing, and the additions of Penny and Keith didn't make the show any more interesting, therefore leaving it dry as it took its final bow.
  • Decent Show

    Good Times to me was a show well ahead of it's time. As you know it aired during the 70's the decade right after the huge civil rights movement. It dealt with the issues most blacks had to deal with during that time. Such as poverty, family, and racism. I never found the show very funny * I was born 15 years after the show first aired* However Good Times will be known as one of the first successful shows about blacks * Before the family matters, and cosby show* It will also be known for having one of the most infamous catchphrases ever *Dynomite*, and the appearamnces by Janet Jackson. Overall, I found it to be a groundbreaking show in the 70's but in this day and age the premise is used way too often.
  • I've thought about collecting the DVD's to this series.

    Good Times was a good show, but it was also very depressing. John Amos played a very bitter man, and the character of Esther Rolle was so beaten - just by a hard life. I was saddened by a lot of the episodes; and even Jay Jay's timeless DYNOMIIIITE!" could not assuage the overall melancholy I felt from watching this show. Michael was angry, and Thelma was often sad. The story of Willena and the girl played by Janet Jackson - a child abuse victim was really sad. Again, this show reminded me of too many people I knew in real life. When they had the dad killed off, that was really painful to watch. All I remember was the mother pretending she was happy through the wake, and then when everyone was gone screaming, "Damn, damn, damn." It was just too sad for me.
  • Take it from a native Chicagoan

    Being from Chi-town I don't think any of the shows writers were ever in Chicago. On the show several references were made to 'downstairs on 35th St (the south side), but in the intro the scene of the apartment is the Cabrini Green housing project on the north side.

    If they make a movie, my choices are

    James.....Bernie Mac
    Thelma....Kelly Rowland
    J.J.......dave chappelle
    Michael...Bow Wow
    Willona...Jackee' Harry
  • Florida was married to James Evans and they had three children, J.J., Thelma and Michael. The Evans family also had a next door neighbor, Willona Woods who was also a main character.

    The first 3 seasons of this show are great. James Evans was my favorite character. The show was never the same when they killed him off at the beginning of the 4th season. I thought J.J. was overrated. He could be funny once in a while, but more often than not, he was annoying, mainly due to the fact that he said the catch phrase "DYNOMITE!" in almost every episode. That got real old after a while. James Evans cracked me up. He always had a classic one liner whenever J.J. or Michael would mouth off to him. And of course there was Florida Evans. She wasn't very funny, but she was a good straightman(or woman, rather). She was the glue that held the Evans family together. Thelma was beautiful. Willona was ok. Michael was annoying.
  • An on going story about the life of a family in the projects in Chicago. They were hardworking but loving . The show touched on social issues and politcs from time to time but mainly focused on lifes lessons within the family.

    I was raised on Good Times
    For its time. It was very open to discussing issues it reminded me of a All in the family mized with a little Cosby show.
    The only thing I disliked was that we never saw any other location but the apartment. then again that was the time that it was shot in and an upside is that it seemed to make you forget that you never left as the show went on.
    John amos and esther rolle have always been underappreciated actors.
    Thelma needed to do playboy Michael was cool with his little quips and JJ well he was just
    DYNO-MITE!!!!(sorry had to do it)
    the show was enhanced by characters like willona & bookman the "super"
    Penny(janet jackson) was cute but they always over played the sympathy for her.
    I thought the episode where James(the father) died was very well played by esther rolle who in my opinion never got enough credit for anything she did in her career.
    Overall it was a very fun show to watch that while mostly dated with clothing and setting and some of the issues would fit in todays market for its content.
  • A true classic

    ' Good Times ' was the true classic African-American sitcom of the 70's which has never been duplicated. Shows like 'What's Happening ' could never compare to 'Good Times '. Each week you felt as if you were right there in that Evan's apartment. Even today, I can still remember watching as young child, Florida receive the news of James death and the feeling I had for that family.
    ' Good Times ' was a classic series and I am excited to see episodes are on the air today. For those who were not around for this show when it first aired, put away your PSP's and turn off WB or UPN in favor of watching true classic TV.
  • A great show, showed how many people struggle making ends meat.

    This is one show that survived for a reason, even though it was an african-american family it showed what it's like to struggle. Sometimes it was "where's the next meal coming from?" This happens to many families of many different colors. I'm glad this show shed some light on what it's like to struggle and how difficult life can be. It was one show I think a lot of people can relate to on so many levels. I mean I never grew up in the ghetto, but I understand what it's like to struggle and wondering where do we go next. I love this show even though it's before my time, it was cancelled a year before I was born.
  • If it didn\'t have Jimmy Walker turning the show into a total farce, it\'d be a 10/10. John Amos\' being sacked only hurt things as well. He and Esther Rolle made the show.

    The first season did feel a tad forced, but it also gave us \"Black Jesus\". Each epsiode was thought provoking, and noble... especially the 1st season story where the school wants to shove JJ forward, and Florida and James see to it that JJ stays behind to get a proper education. This is great stuff!

    Season 2 is when things started to slide. \"Dyn-o-mite\" became \"Kid Dyn-o-mite\" and Jimmy Walker hammed up his stringbean body at every opportunity. It\'s funny, and this season has quite a few things to say, but JJ overtook the show and, in retrospect, it suffers for it - even if his antics were riotiously funny at the time. The social context, which John Amos and Esther Rolle wanted and dervered was somewhat diminished.

    Season 3 only continued the diminishing path despite a strong season opener where James buys a gun... and it became easy to tell when John or Esther walked out of an episode. Oh, it often dealt with meaty subjects, but the dynomite duds were still there.

    The show also had John saying the N-word. While the scene (lacking Michael) in season 2 where JJ wants to take a rich neighbor to the prom and James Sr confronting her haughty parents feels natural... his doing it again in season 3 was just an empty ratings grab. (I don\'t recall the episode either except he gets to say it in a bar and it\'s easy to tell he\'s getting the line over as quickly as possible.)

    John was ultimately fired and killed off in season 4\'s opener, leaving Florida alone. This is the situation Esther Rolle did not want from the start: A single mother scenario, she wanted a full family.

    A lot of the dialogue in the series (all 6 seasons) didn\'t seem like \"authentic black dialogue\" either. (the quote came from a cable tv special from a few years ago.) There were times when I could spot this, mostly because it\'s a typical one-liner from JJ.

    The only thing is, I felt the VD episode (which had John and Esther walking out) was a worthy one.

    The first three seasons are all worth viewing, no argument there at all. But JJ does grate and once John Amos is gone, the show flounders.
  • A family comedy set in an apartment building.

    This was a pretty good comedy for it's time. I would not be excited about watching it in reruns. Esther Rolle stared as the mother Florida Evans. John Amos was the father James Evans. Jimmie Walker played their son James "J.J." Evans Jr.. Singing sensation Janet Jackson played Penny Woods before she was a singer. At this point she was just know as Michael Jackon's little sister. Other stars included Ja'net DuBois as Willona Woods Ralph Carter, as Michael Evans, Johnny Brown as Nathan Bookman, Ben Powers as Keith Anderson and BernNadette Stanis as Thelma Evans Anderson. Again. a pretty decent show for it's day. but it just doesnt hold up very well.
  • Groundbreaking

    Good Times is probably best known for one catch phrase. Dyn-o-mite! A catch phrase that was used entirely way too much. In the beginning, it appeared that they looked for ways to fit it in, and it seemed forced at times.

    But Good Times was much more that a catch phrase. It was not the first TV show to feature an African American family, but it's one the earliest ones, one of the best known, and one of the most successful in it's day.

    Good Times featured The Evans, an African American family living in the projects of Chicago. Much of the episode plots were about trying to make ends meet, through working multiple jobs, frequently being laid off and unexpected expenses. They did it with impeccable ethics and morals.

    The writers and producers of the show were also not afraid to tackle important social issues. Everything from alcohol and drugs to child abuse to gangs to civil rights. And not necessarily pertaining just to African Americans, but civil rights that effect us all.

    The Evans were a role model for us to follow, people of all colors. The continued moral of the show was to keep on keeping on. Also to never give into the temptations of easy money, when it costs you more in the long run.
  • this show was great and showed a way of life some people might not be used to.

    O.K. I'm sorry for this and everyone who reads this is going to want to kick me in the head, but this show really is DY-NO-MITE !! It was funny, and it showed how the Evan's family people made it through life, there was not really an agenda with it suprisingly with Norman Lear. It was a great show, even though the character of Wilona, sometimes laughed at her jokes more than the audience did. It wasn't just comedy either, they had some real serious episodes, with such issues, as child abuse, death, drugs etc, it was kind of like an after school special except it was funny.
  • We've heard many inspiring stories of people living in the ghetto or in very poor conditions, but the Evans family took the good and turned it into a positive. Though the Evans family didn't have much money, they were thankful for what they had and staye

    This is one of my favorite shows, as I have many, but like Highway To Heaven, it's very inspiring. I'm not trying to compare this show to Highway To Heaven, but the Evans family didn't have much in life, but were thankful for the things that they did.

    This show may not be a 'true story' of how it is to live in the ghetto, but that's not really what the show is about, least in my opinion. This show was a great show, because the Evans family worked hard, and wanted the very best for their three children. The Evans family tried and tried to survive, and when things were tight and looking negative for the family, they turned it around and held onto each other tight.

    This show can currently be seen on TVLand and the TVOne network.

  • Best comedy show ever!

    Good Times is one of my favorite comedy show. My favorite character is J.J. He's always talking nonsense and acting foolish. J.J is always getting dissed by his family and what I especially like is when he says "Dynomite!" That was hilarious! I never got over that. Another thing funny about him is the way he dresses. His clothes are bright colors which made him look like a clown. Anyway, too bad this show is canceled. Even though I would like for this show to come back on, I doubt it because this show is so old. You have got to watch this show for yourself. This show may be canceled, but you can at least watch the re-runs on a different channel that I forgot.
  • The experience of a family trying to survive in a Chicago housing projects in the 1970's.

    Good Times was an excellent portrayal for that era. The acting was overall outstanding. The only thing that it lacked was that it never really protrayed the Evans Family as fully making it out of the ghetto. Even though the family stayed together and made it together, I would probably have a better appreciation for it the show writers/producers could have allowed the viewers to see the Evans familys\' life outside of living in the Chicago projects.
  • Dealt with serious issues

    Good Times really did a good job dealing with issues such as drug use and child abuse. Most people think the show was better in the early years before John Amos left but I liked it better after his character died. I just never liked his character. I always thought he was kind of a bully, much like my own father was. To this day though I can't look at an iron without thinking of Janet Jackson. I am really glad this show turned up on Nick at Nite. It hasn't aired in several years and it is a welcome addition.
  • Dynomite!

    JJ and the family were a forced that wouldn't be ignored in their day. Even those people who haven't seen Good Times for themselves know either the characters, scenario or the famous catch-phrase. Back in the 1970's, black families going through hard times was a very real part of life. However, the love and loyalty the Evans family had for one another was rarely displayed in many shows in its day. No matter what rough times they struggled through, they stayed together and managed to keep the humor going through it all. My favorite person on the show-at the time, it was Michael because I thought he was cute :)
  • Good Times was a good time.

    Good Times was a good time. I remember watching the show when I was young and laughing at JJ and his antics. It was a great show however to teach kids what respect was for their parents and what family meant. Their dad did everything to support his family. When JJ had to take over taking care of his family he stepped up to the plate. It was a comedy with sad undertones at times. It showed a side of life that is usually not shown on TV. The poor and underprivlidged. Things were not all roses for them. They showed the struggle in life and how to make the best of it.
  • Clasiical show

    one of the funniest shows in the 70's especially with j.j in the cast. Who i think woithout him it wouldn't of been many goodtimes because he kept everyhbody up on the show with his energetic, funny, and goofy personality. Truly a classic. I still laugh to this day. Especially when j.j. does Dynomite!!!!! If you can't remember the show no other way that is definitly one way to remember it by.
  • An appreciation and a Thank You for Esther Rolle.

    When \"Good Times\" first aired, I was a young child - four years old, to be exact - whose parents just seperated, and while watching Esther Rolle (Florida Evans) I can remember wishing that Florida would be my mom.

    She had a way of conducting herself, no matter what the situation, that excuded class, elegance, and love of her family and her fellow man.

    She was a tough, but fair, and very supportive of her kids, her husband, and her friends.

    She had a way of making the audience fall in love with her, and making you pull for her no matter what the situation.

    To Esther Rolle, even though she is no longer with us, I wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me through a very rough period in my life.

    Whether you realize it or not, your potrayal of Florida Evans taught me many of life\'s little lessons which I still use today . . . thirty years later.

    Dave Brown
  • Good Times!

    Even though the show was on TV before I was born ('79) I watched it when I was younger and I still love it to this day. It was a groundbreaking series, not just because it was based on a black family, but because it dealt with some real life issues that blacks went thru at that time. Well it did half the time. It had its mix of comedy,social issues and problems,etc. etc. It was what it was. A funny show that showed no matter how hard the struggle is you keep ya head up and keep going. Excellent Series.
  • Good Times ,1 of the best comidies of my childhood.

    If you watched this show as a kid you had a awesome childhood!
  • Good Times is one of my all time favorites. It's portrayal of the strength of the black family despite of racial prejudice is accurate. While the storylines are simple,they teach lessons of love, longsuffering and endurance.

    Good Times is definitely one of my all time favorites. It's portrayal of the strength of the black family despite racial prejudice is accurate. While the storylines are simple, they teach lessons of love, longsuffering and endurance. The Evans family provided imagery of a typical black family in the 1970's. They overcome trials and tribulations of living in the ghetto. While they were poor, they were never poor in spirit. James and Florida Evans were played by two of my favorite actors, John Amos and Esther Rolle. Both of the actors were under rated and they never received the acting roles or awards they deserved. J. J. Evans, played by Jimmie Walker, kept the audience in stitches with his comedic candor. While the black family has come along way from the days of Good Times, we all can learn from the Evans family and why they had Good Times and overcame all odds.
  • i love this show, it teaches today what family is all about. How best friends stick together and help each other out, and what is really going on in the world, its just worse now a days. Good times was always a favorite and always will be

    Just as i said thank God for reruns. Good times was just that Good Times. I bet on the set it was fun. I just finished watching a good times marathon. The last episode still gets me to this day. I love this sitcom. I wonder if the cast members keep in touch, oh well, this show told it like it was and it was about families. The evans family made it thru thick and thin, but made it together, and i cried and cried at the last episode everyone did great acting, made it seem like a real family. When i was little i would come home and it was a favorite in our home.
  • This show was classic and definetly my favorite show that began in 1974. It was classic.

    This show was classic and definetly my favorite show that began in 1974. It was classic. This show dealed with real life problems of an african-American family. The show featured a short tempered father, a smart mouthed son named JJ, a genius son named michael, a sassy daughter, and of course a kind and considerate mother named florida. All these characters rolled into one family made one of the best comedies for the family of it's kind. Anyone who has seen the show know that it was a good show. There were many side characters that made minor appearences but were not to important. Watch the reruns if you can. -NarutoShippuden.
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