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  • An on going story about the life of a family in the projects in Chicago. They were hardworking but loving . The show touched on social issues and politcs from time to time but mainly focused on lifes lessons within the family.

    I was raised on Good Times
    For its time. It was very open to discussing issues it reminded me of a All in the family mized with a little Cosby show.
    The only thing I disliked was that we never saw any other location but the apartment. then again that was the time that it was shot in and an upside is that it seemed to make you forget that you never left as the show went on.
    John amos and esther rolle have always been underappreciated actors.
    Thelma needed to do playboy Michael was cool with his little quips and JJ well he was just
    DYNO-MITE!!!!(sorry had to do it)
    the show was enhanced by characters like willona & bookman the "super"
    Penny(janet jackson) was cute but they always over played the sympathy for her.
    I thought the episode where James(the father) died was very well played by esther rolle who in my opinion never got enough credit for anything she did in her career.
    Overall it was a very fun show to watch that while mostly dated with clothing and setting and some of the issues would fit in todays market for its content.
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