Good Times - Season 5

CBS (ended 1979)




Episode Guide

  • That's Entertainment, Evans Style
    While J.J. is out of town at a convention, the Evans discover that a local day care center is closing down. In order to save it, everyone comes together to participate in an talent show. Meanwhile, Willona also turns to Alderman Davis for help and is unsure of how much it will cost her.moreless
  • Write On, Thelma
    Write On, Thelma
    Episode 23
    Thelma has written a full length play and is ecstatic when it is chosen to be produced as the local theater's latest production. Thelma quickly realizes a few changes to her manuscript may be needed, but it soon feels like almost everything will need to be changed to please the theater owner.moreless
  • Willona's New Job
    Willona's New Job
    Episode 22
    Willona's boyfriend, Frank, continues his efforts to try to get her to marry him. She finally agrees to it and begins wearing his engagement ring. Meanwhile, down at the boutique, Willona gets a promotion but Frank is determined to get her to turn down the offer. It seems Frank holds some old-fashioned thinking, when it comes to being the breadwinner in the family which leads Willona to have second thoughts about marriage.moreless
  • Something Old, Something New
    Grandpa Evans visits and has plans of becoming rich thanks to his new invention that he has perfected. Meanwhile, Lena, Grandpa's fiancee gets tired of being ignored and decides to leave him. This leads Grandpa to try to patch things up with his long term-love which also results in him proposing marriage.moreless
  • Willona, the Other Woman
    Bookman's strange behavior leads his wife, Violet to become convinced that he's seeing another woman. However, appearances can be deceiving especially when Violet catches Willona and Bookman in a compromising situation.
  • J.J.'s Condition
    J.J.'s Condition
    Episode 19
    J.J.'s latest relationship with a woman, Barbara, who's currently married but plans on divorcing her husband, results with him coming down with an ulcer. The situation is compounded when J.J. learns that she and her husband still share an apartment.
  • The Boarder
    The Boarder
    Episode 18
    J.J. is suddenly demoted to part-time at his job so to pick up extra money for the rent, J.J. decides to take in a boarder. However, little does he know the man he takes in, is placed there by the police department for his protection. Soon paranoia takes over the Evans household in fear that a hit man is out to kill the J.J.'s boarder.moreless
  • I Had a Dream
    I Had a Dream
    Episode 17
    J.J. is convinced that he will get a promotion at work and begins a celebration a bit too early. It seems that the promotion that J.J. wants may only be filled by a white person when a co-worker convinces J.J. that the promotion will only go to a white man. This leads J.J. to have a crazy dream where he gets to experience being white.moreless
  • Where There's Smoke
    Where There's Smoke
    Episode 16
    A hole has been burned into one of the couch cushions and J.J., Thelma and Michael each have their own versions of how it got there. In the style of Rashomon we each get a flashback of each person's version. However, Penny is the only person who knows the truth of how it really got there.moreless
  • J.J. and the Boss' Daughter
    J.J. is given a sexy assistant, one whom he makes a play for immediately. However, later when he learns that she's the boss's daughter, he continues to go out with her thinking that it will give him special privileges with his boss. Later, J.J.'s buddies, Poppo and Head get fed up with J.J. not spending any time with them and hand him an ultimatum.moreless
  • Willona's Mr. Right
    Willona's Mr. Right
    Episode 14
    Willona's old boyfriend arrives back in town and asks Willona her hand in marriage. However, Willona turns him down since his job would have her and Penny constantly moving. Meanwhile, Penny, feeling like she's holding Willona back, decides to run away.
  • No More Mr. Nice Guy
    Michael's apathetic behavior towards household chores and homework leads J.J. to put his foot down and to step in as a father figure. He really comes down hard when Michael and Penny are arrested for being in a stolen vehicle. After this caper, J.J. refuses to allow Michael to attend a special awards dinner where Michael is supposed to display a paper that he wrote.moreless
  • Penny's Christmas
    Penny's Christmas
    Episode 12
    The Christmas season has the Evans family in the spirit and planning a Christmas Eve party. Meanwhile, while Christmas shopping for her mother, Penny gets her wallet stolen, and later steals a necklace from a department store in a desperate attempt to try to get Willona a Christmas gift. However, Penny's attempts may lead to Willona losing custody of her.moreless
  • Requiem for a Wino
    Requiem for a Wino
    Episode 11
    Fishbone, a wino, complains that he has no friends and quickly discovers he has many when a vagrant steals his wallet and is later killed in a car accident. Everyone assumes Fishbone is the one that was killed and they hold a wake with a magnificent turnout, which Fishbone witnesses, dressed in drag as a mourner at the wake.moreless
  • Thelma's Brief Encounter
    Thelma begins dating a man named Lloyd Williams, however, suspicions run rampant between J.J., Willona and Michael who become convinced he's married. However, J.J. makes a discovery that surprises everyone. It seems Lloyd is doing time in a half-way house, supposedly because he was once married to two women at the same time. Now the trick is to show Thelma, Lloyd's true colors.moreless
  • Bye, Bye, Bookman
    Bye, Bye, Bookman
    Episode 9
    The conditions in the building become too much for Willona, Penny and the Evans kids to bare so they decide to circulate a petition that would terminate Bookman as the superintendent. However, Bookman and his wife, hatch a plan to save his job.
  • Breaker, Breaker
    Breaker, Breaker
    Episode 8
    Bookman has just bought a CB radio and to hide it from Mrs. Bookman, he keeps in the Evans apartment. Michael passes himself off as J.J. while using the CB and quickly discovers he's not the only one who's putting on an act. A girl he contacts who calls herself Fun Girl really turns out to be a paraplegic.moreless
  • Wheels
    Episode 7
    J.J. and his friends become partners in the ownership of car, a car that they foolishly bought from Bookman. However, the quality of the car is minor compared to the constant fighting over who gets to use it.
  • Willona, the Fuzz
    Willona, the Fuzz
    Episode 6
    Willona is offered a new job working in security surveillance but her morals force her to refuse it. However, when Penny has her heart set on figure skating lessons, Willona decides to set her morals and values aside and take the job for the extra money. Meanwhile, Michael's coat is stolen and the Evans kids try to scrounge up extra money.moreless
  • Thelma Moves Out
    Thelma Moves Out
    Episode 5
    One evening after a date with her latest beau, Thelma is bombarded with the fact that she is living with two brothers who have no respect for her privacy. Fed up with having no privacy and being burdened by Michael and J.J., Thelma decides to move out and into an apartment that is shared by three other roommates. However, her dream of being an independent woman, doesn't quite turn out like she planned.moreless
  • The Evans Get Involved (4)
    Willona worries over whether or not she will be able to adopt Penny. Meanwhile, a well meaning, Bookman, tries to help out by telling the social worker, that he's married to Willona, this only makes things worse when the social worker learns the truth.
  • The Evans Get Involved (3)
    Willona and the Evans kids are stunned to discover that Penny and her mother have moved. They are equally stunned when they discover Penny hiding in the Evans apartment. Later, Penny's abusive mother abandons her leaving Willona to ponder adopting the battered youth.
  • The Evans Get Involved (2)
    Willona and the Evans children are convinced that Penny is being abused but are unsure of what to do next. Meanwhile, everyone prepares for the carnival and they get decked out in costumes. On the way to the carnival, Willona and the kids discover Penny, with a possible broken arm, caused by her abusive mother. When Willona takes Penny to see a doctor about a broken arm, he refuses to believe she's being abused.moreless
  • The Evans Get Involved (1)
    When a young girl, Penny Gordon follows J.J. home, she quickly insinuates herself into the Evans household and makes up stories about her life, including forgetting to mention she has an abusive mother. Meanwhile, the Evans family is getting ready for an upcoming carnival and Willona finds an old dress that would be perfect for Penny. When Penny begins to change into the dress, a stunned Willona and Thelma discover Penny's badly bruised back.moreless