Good Times

Season 6 Episode 6

Stomach Mumps

Aired Unknown Oct 14, 1978 on CBS

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  • Willona seems to be dead set on keeping Penny's mind off of sex in any way possible. She explains to Florida her main reason for concern is because Penny's 13-year-old friend is pregnant, but Florida advises Willona to teach Penny about sex the right way

    Another excellent episode that shows how the Evans' have no problem approaching a difficult subject. Florida insists that Willona tell Penny about sex the accurate way, rather than just forbidding her to go near her pregnant friend, before Penny learns it from the streets. An excellent example of how so many parents need to get themselves past the embarrassment and talk to their kids about sex before something happens, rather than wait until it's too late, as was almost the case with Penny.
  • Tackling a difficult subject (caution, spoilers)

    This is a great episode! Willona finds out that Penny's friend Tina is pregnant, and refuses to talk to Penny about sex. Florida vehemently insists that Willona should talk to Penny before it is too late. Their argument results in the neighbors not talking, and Penny is forbidden to even visit the Evanses. Penny comes over to the Evans's apartment to get some eggs, and reveals that although her mother told her that Tina has the stomach mumps, it looks to her like Tina is pregnant. Just before Florida can tell Penny the truth, Willona discovers Penny there and sends her out.

    While JJ tries to reconcile Willona and Florida, Penny comes running in, her hair mussed - she was almost molested (she went over to a friend's place to get something and the guy there said he wouldn't give whatever it was to her unless she allowed him to...). Luckily she got away, but Willona realizes that she does need to tell Penny the truth about sex and pregnancy, while Florida calls the police about the near-rape.

    This was not schmaltzy and not awkward. Seeing it made me remember how much I loved Good Times and the way they tackled topics that were as relevant back then as they are today.