Good Times

Season 5 Episode 18

The Boarder

Aired Unknown Feb 06, 1978 on CBS



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    • Thelma: I'm just sorry Mr. Dunbar got away.
      J.J.: Don't worry, Thelma, he didn't get away. When he was packing I slipped 2 of your cookies into his suitcase, they should've stopped him at the airport for concealing lethal weapons.

    • Mr. Dunbar: You're right, J.J., I shouldn't take that money. But I will.
      J.J.: What?
      Mr. Dunbar: I'm sorry, I know I should do what's right, but $25,000 is more money than I've ever seen in my life.

    • J.J.: Don't shoot! We just waxed the floors!

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on December 22, 1977.

    • The episode marks the appearance of new living room furniture, a new couch and a new leather chair. The old couch had been destroyed in the episode "Where There's Smoke", however, the next week CBS aired the episode, "I Had a Dream", which had been filmed earlier in the season.

    • Taurean Black would later become famous for the role of Detective Neal Washington on the classic police drama Hill Street Blues.

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