Good Times

Season 1 Episode 12

The Check Up

Aired Unknown May 03, 1974 on CBS



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    • Florida: (seeing the kids dancing) Thelma, why are you wasting your time dancing while your brother is busy trying to stomp out roaches?

    • James: Florida, now I ain't gonna say this no more. I ain't got no hypertension! And I don't wanna hear another damn word about it! I ain't sick, I ain't nervous, and I ain't upset!
      [Throws a chair into the kitchen wall, breaking it. Then goes and kicks in the bedroom door, then slams it shut. Florida sits at the dinner table in shock]
      J.J.: I'm sure glad he didn't get upset.

    • (Thelma's hoping her father will let her take the late evening part-time job)
      Thelma: [as James comes home] Hi Daddy! [James gives her a look of indifference] How wonderful to see you home!
      James: Hello Thelma. Junior.
      J.J.: Hey, Dad.
      James: Hey baby.
      Florida: Hi sweetheart.
      Thelma: Hey Daddy, guess what? I got that part-time job I wanted.
      James: I knew there was something hiding behind that "Hi Daddy, how wonderful to see you home." What are the hours?
      Thelma: Oh, Daddy, I can buy my own clothes and have my own spending money.
      James: What are the hours?
      Thelma: And it'll help the whole family, too!
      James: What are the hours?
      Thelma: Seven to 11.
      James: You just got fired.

    • James: Thelma, you say I'm hypertense, well you and Michael probably gave it to me, with your nickin' and naggin' all the time! Hell, Junior's probably the only one that doesn't give me any trouble!
      J.J: And that's for two reasons, Dad: one, cuz I respect you, and two, because I fear for my life.

    • Florida: When I worked as a maid -- excuse me Lord -- but I was the best DAMN maid there was!

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    • Florida: When I worked as a maid -- excuse me Lord -- but I was the best DAMN maid there was!

      Florida was more than likely referencing her job as a maid on her previous role as a maid on Maude