Good Times

Season 6 Episode 24

The End of the Rainbow

Aired Unknown Aug 01, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • Just three episodes earlier, Keith had hit rock bottom with alcoholism. In this episode, Keith is able to leave the home several times, without explanation, as he entered a training program for the Chicago Bears. The Evans family should have been alarmed that he was out that frequently without explanation.

    • The Evans' new address will be 743 Baker Street.

    • J.J. appears in a Dyno Man outfit.

    • In this episode like many others, Willona received the same promotion. Everytime she was promoted, she was turned into the Head Buyer for the Boutique.

  • Quotes

    • Thelma: I hope this apartment has an extra room for the baby.
      Keith: You bet, 3 bedrooms, a sunroom, a deck, a...BABY?

    • Keith: I suppose you've all been wondering why I've been acting so strange lately.
      All: Not really.
      Keith: I've been in training.
      Penny: You mean you're joining the army?
      Keith: No, Penny, I'm joining the Chicago Bears!

    • Willona: Florida! We're moving in! We're moving in!
      (Willona and Florida start to celebrate)

    • J.J.: (to Keith, referring to Thelma's news that she's pregnant) You may be a big time running back. But I think you oughta let Thelma make this carry.

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on March 01, 1979.

    • Bookman's ill-timed comment to Keith, "You hit the bottle," must have confused the original audience in 1979, as "The Evans' Dilemma" episode - the one dealing with Keith's drinking - was never aired.

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