Good Times

Season 6 Episode 21

The Evans' Dilemma

Aired Unknown Unknown on CBS



  • Trivia

    • During the dinner table conversation about how a girl used to refer to Keith as "Keiffy," Joe reveals that he's now married to her after Keith makes fun of her. But at the beginning of the conversation, Joe acts like he can't remember that his own wife used to call him Keiffy.

    • How was Keith able to hide his bottle of booze in the toilet tank? The tank fills back up after every flush, and as the bottle gets emptier and emptier, it would float to the top.

  • Quotes

    • (in the bathroom)
      Michael: J.J., what are we looking for in here?
      J.J.: I don't know, Michael, but any man that can get that happy that fast, he can't be doing it alone.

    • (J.J. returns from a day of job-hunting, frazzled
      Thelma: Bad day, huh?
      J.J.: Well, let's put it this way. It was the type of day that Donny would punch out Marie.

    • (J.J. finds a bottle of vodka in the septic tank)
      J.J.: Either this is Keith's joy juice, or the tidy bowl man's got a new boat.

    • (Thelma finds a bottle of vodka)
      Thelma: This explains everything.
      Keith: Baby, you don't understand.
      Thelma: Oh, and this understands you, right? A bottle of fermented potatoes understands, is that it?

    • Keith: Baby, honey, what the h*** do you want from me?
      Thelma: Everything! Everything you have to give me, Keith. Because remember, you are still my husband. Whether you're playing in the SuperBowl or driving people to it! So you hurt your leg and you can't run anymore. Big deal! But your wallowing in self pity is not gonna help. You gotta face it. The world is gonna go on whether you are sitting on top of it or stretched out under it!

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