Good Times

Season 5 Episode 3

The Evans Get Involved (3)

Aired Unknown Sep 28, 1977 on CBS
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Episode Summary

The Evans Get Involved (3)
Willona and the Evans kids are stunned to discover that Penny and her mother have moved. They are equally stunned when they discover Penny hiding in the Evans apartment. Later, Penny's abusive mother abandons her leaving Willona to ponder adopting the battered youth.

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    Ja'net DuBois

    Ja'net DuBois

    Willona Woods

    Jimmie Walker

    Jimmie Walker

    James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

    Ralph Carter

    Ralph Carter

    Michael Evans

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson

    Penny Woods (1977-1979)

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Thelma Evans Anderson

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    • TRIVIA (1)

      • When Penny's hiding in the closet, nobody knows she's there, so when her mother decides to check the bedrooms for her, J.J. gladly shows her to prove Penny's not there. He shows Mrs. Gordon Thelma's bedroom and the bathroom, but completely forgets to show her Florida's bedroom and Mrs. Gordon doesn't acknowledge it either.

    • QUOTES (9)

      • Penny: Surprise! I'm back!
        Michael: What happened to Mrs. Carpenter?
        Penny: I ditched her.
        Michael: How?
        Penny: Easy, when we were in the elevator I pressed the B button for basement, then I scooted out right before the doors closed. Mrs. Carpenter, she's a nice lady, but I don't want to go to a new home, I want to stay right here with you, J.J.
        J.J.: Penny, I can't take care of you.
        Penny: I know, you're a lover, not a mother, but Willona, if you wouldn't mind having me, I'd love to stay with you.

      • Mrs. Gordon: Where is she?
        Thelma: Where's who?
        Mrs. Gordon: You know who, Penny, she's run away.
        Willona: Thank God. *chuckles* But she ain't here.

      • Leona Gordon: That Child! Is that all you can think about? That child? Well, what about me? You think it's easy raising that kid without a father?
        Willona: Big deal. I was raised without a father, but my mother never went up side my head.
        Leona: Well, you were lucky baby, because my family went up side, down side and across mine. I've been scufflin' all my life!
        Willona: Honey, you don't own the rights or the patents on scuffling!

      • Leona Gordon: This is my own business, so you just butt out!
        Willona: Butt Out? Honey, I ain't even started butting in yet!

      • Willona: I've been on my own since I was 16.
        Leona Gordon: Oh really? Well you're lucky, sister, because when you were 16 you didn't have to worry about anybody but yourself, me when I was 16 I was pregnant, and I didn't have a dime, and a man who left me before Penny was born.
        Willona: That happens every day in the week, you could've done something.
        Leona Gordon: Done something? Sister, I did do something, I carried that child and made a career for myself. And I wanted to do those things, but then when that baby's born, what's she do for me? Nothing! Nothing! I can't even keep a man on account of Penny! If it weren't for her all the time needing things and wanting things, I might be allowed some happiness. Now she's gone off and caused even more trouble! *crying* Haven't I had enough?

      • Willona: The thing that bothers me, before if Penny got in trouble she could come up here to us...who's she got to go to now?

      • Penny: What happened to 'they lived happily ever after?
        J.J.: Nobody that eats Thelma's cooking lives happily ever after.

      • (J.J. shows Penny his imitation of a fly getting sprayed with Black Flag)
        J.J.: Spray can...
        (J.J. turns his head and hisses like a can spraying)
        J.J.: Fly...
        (J.J. walks around the apartment flapping his arms)
        J.J.: (singing) Zo what a beautiful morning, oh what a beautiful day...I've got...
        (J.J. coughs and hacks and falls on the couch convulsing and kicking)
        Penny: That was great, J.J., die again!

      • Mrs. Gordon: I am thinking...I'm thinking maybe this time I'll be the one who runs away for a change...There's a life out there somewhere, and I'm going to have a hunk of it.
        Willona: Don't do this to Penny, you can't leave her.
        Mrs. Gordon: She deserves something better than me.

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