Good Times

Season 1 Episode 9

The Visitor (a.k.a.) The Tenant Group

Aired Unknown Apr 05, 1974 on CBS



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    • Florida: The refrigerator don't work either.
      Mr. Stonehurst: The refrigerator doesn't work either? Well does anything work around here?
      Florida: Just my husband, at 2 jobs, to support all the things that don't work.

    • Willona: Extra extra! The Warlords and the Dukes are duking it out downstairs.
      Mr. Stonehurst The Warlods and the Dukes? You mean there's a gang fight going on?
      Willona: Well they ain't having a block party.
      Mr. Stonehurst: This is terrible, I better get to my cab.
      Willona: Oh was that your cab downstairs?
      Mr. Stonehurst: What do you mean was?
      Willona: It just took off at 60 miles an hour on 3 wheels.
      Mr. Stonehurst: What do you people do when there's a gang fight?
      Florida: Well we count our children, thank the Lord none of them are in it, and sit it out.

    • James: It's down to 45 in here now.
      J.J.: My teeth are chattering so much it sounds like a craps game.

    • Florida: I'll make you some tea, the stove's still working.
      James: Hallelujah.
      Florida: You can take back the Hallelujah, the water ain't working.
      J.J.: This keeps up, we'll be using the bathroom at the gas station.

    • James: The elevator ain't working, the light bulb in the hall ain't working. Hey it's cold in here! Don't tell me the heat ain't working.
      Florida: It decided to keep the refrigerator company.

    • Michael: Signed, Michael Evans, Esquire.
      James: Better get your esquire off that chair.

    • Willona: Look what the washing machine done to my sweater! 10% Ecralon, 90% confetti!
      Florida: You must have had the one with that special cycle "Wash and Tear"!

    • Everyone: The elevator ain't working!

    • Mr. Stonehurst: We're having fat greens and turnip backs.

  • Notes

    • This episode was videotaped on March 19, 1974.

    • This was the first mention the Warlords. Later, Michael became a member of the Warlords' affiliates, the Junior Warlords.(Episode #65) In addition, J.J. had previously joined the Satan Knights, another gang. (Episodes #22 and 23)

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