Good Times

Season 5 Episode 10

Thelma's Brief Encounter

Aired Unknown Dec 07, 1977 on CBS
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Thelma's Brief Encounter
Thelma begins dating a man named Lloyd Williams, however, suspicions run rampant between J.J., Willona and Michael who become convinced he's married. However, J.J. makes a discovery that surprises everyone. It seems Lloyd is doing time in a half-way house, supposedly because he was once married to two women at the same time. Now the trick is to show Thelma, Lloyd's true colors.moreless

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    Ja'net DuBois

    Ja'net DuBois

    Willona Woods

    Jimmie Walker

    Jimmie Walker

    James "J.J." Evans, Jr.

    Ralph Carter

    Ralph Carter

    Michael Evans

    Janet Jackson

    Janet Jackson

    Penny Woods (1977-1979)

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Bern Nadette Stanis

    Thelma Evans Anderson

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      • J.J.: He goes to a halfway house.
        Willona: A halfway house?
        Michael: Yeah, that's where they send you when you're halfway out of jail and halfway free.
        Willona: Do they send murderers to a halfway house?
        Michael: No, they usually send them back into the streets. People in halfway houses usually go there for white collar crimes.
        J.J.: Maybe he strangled a priest.

      • J.J.: Lloyd was married.
        Willona: That can't put you in jail for that.
        J.J.: To two women.
        Michael: They can't put you in jail for that, either.
        J.J.: At the same time.
        Michael: Now that, they can put you in jail for.

      • Willona: Go on home and do your homework.
        Penny: But I already did my homework.
        Willona: Then do tomorrow's homework.
        Penny: Boy, if you keep sending me to study everytime you don't want me hearing something, I'm going to be one of the smartest kids in my class.

      • J.J.: At the end of the day, Lloyd does not go home to a wife.
        Willona: Thank God.
        J.J.: But I did found out where he does go home to.
        Willona/Michael: Where?
        J.J.: The slammer. Lloyd's in jail.
        Willona: In jail? J.J., is this another one of your jokes?
        J.J.: I'm not joking, Willona. The man's in prison.
        Michael: You mean he's a guard.
        J.J.: No Michael, he's wearing stripes. And he's NOT a zebra!

      • Thelma: (after J.J. blabs the truth about Lloyd) LIAR! I HATE YOU!

      • J.J.: Lloyd's a bigamist, and if you marry him, he'll be a trigamist.

      • J.J.: Dating Thelma isn't an adjustment. That's shock treatment.

      • (Thelma, introducing Lloyd to J.J.)
        Thelma: And uh, licorice stick with ears.......

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    • ALLUSIONS (1)

      • Penny: (singing) Hold the pickles, hold the lettuce.

        Penny was trying to get Willona to take her to Burger King (instead of having dinner at home) by singing the jingle from a popular Burger King commercial.