Good Times

Season 6 Episode 17

Where Have All the Doctors Gone?

Aired Unknown Jun 13, 1979 on CBS



  • Trivia

    • At the beginning of the episode, Thelma, Michael and Keith are all sick.  When Florida and J.J. take Penny to the doctor and return, they're all suddenly better.

    • Penny gets sick enough for her fever to climb to 104 degrees, yet the Evan's kept her covered up with blankets. Also, if the medicine wasn't working to bring the fever down, why didn't they try a cold bath?

  • Quotes

    • Dr. Kelly: Mrs. Evans, it's after 4 o' you know what would happen if I visited all my patients after hours?
      Florida: They'd probably die of shock from seeing you.

    • Dr. Kelly: You can call an ambulance.
      Florida: An ambulance? The only time we see an ambulance in this neighborhood is when they run out of gas on their way to another neighborhood, this child needs help now!

    • Dr. Kelly: It's no wonder so many of you black people have high blood pressure, all the short ribs, pork's feet and pigs ears.
      Florida: Maybe you haven't noticed, doctor, but there's a shortage of caviar in the ghetto.
      Dr. Kelly: I'm talking about maintaining a simple, balanced diet, red meat, fresh fruits and vegetables.
      Florida: You're talking about health but in the ghetto it's survival of the fittest. We buy what's cheap, and they make damn sure it's not cheap.

    • (on the phone with Willona)
      Thelma: We're all fine...who? Oh Penny, she's doing great for 104...
      (Keith snatches the phone away)
      Keith: What she means is 104 points, we're playing knock-rummy.
      (J.J. takes the phone)
      J.J.: Hello, Willona? This is J.J., the truth? Allright, Penny has a small fever but she...Willona?
      Thelma: How'd she take it?
      J.J.: She took it fine, she fainted.

    • Dr. Kelly: I'm a doctor, not a saint.
      Florida: You got that right, saints walk WITH people, they don't float above them.

    • Dr. Kelly: Look at this, Mrs. Evans, my drugs have been stolen, my equipment vandalised. I have to close up my office at 4 in the afternoon so I stand a chance of getting home without getting mugged.

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