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  • BEST SHOW EVER!!!! (on MTV)

    This is a great coming of age show about a boy from Jersey moving to a beach town, and i fucking love it. It is a fresh take on a cartoon sitcom, it is funny as all hell, and yes it is sexed up, but there is a lot of feeling in the show. i honestly believe that if everyone watched this show with an open mind that over 85% of them would find something about this show to love. Also, how could the company that gave us at least 4 seasons of donkey cum (i.e. Jersey Shore) pull such an amazing show?

    so in all great show, funny, charaters everyone will love or love to hate, well written and has a rad stylized look to it, 11-10 easy

    also if u like this show and want to see more episodes help us bring it back
  • MTV producers or whoever gets the final say on whats cancelled at MTV should be FIRED, for cancelling Good Vibes

    CANCEL 16 and Pregnant NOT Good Vibes. You evil heartless soulless bastards

    Good vibes= Amazing tv, an instant classic

    all other programming on MTV = donkey shit lit on fire and put out using 3 year old elephant piss.
  • Surprisingly Great!

    Very funny humor, great characters, and one overall great show.
  • I never watched MTV...until this show aired. Good Vibes brings new life to the animated comedies genre.


    I remember seeing the ad for this show while watching a non-MTV channel. Being a fan of shows such as Family Guy and The Simpsons, the previews for Good Vibes convinced me to tune in at 10:30PM to MTV. The rest is history...I am glad to finally be able to see an animated sitcom that isn't a Seth MacFarlane cartoon (seriously, he has three animated sitcoms on FOX, and only Family Guy is really worth watching IMO).

    The humor in this show is great. Although this show doesn't go over-the-edge like South Park (which I also watch religiously), this show definitely contains humor comparable to Family Guy.

    The characters fulfill the stereotypes of the types of people in a high school, from the nerds to the jocks. Most people will probably be able to relate to at least one character in this show to how they were when in high school.

    Overall, Good Vibes is one of the best new animated sitcoms. After seeing so many animated shows, Good Vibes brings to viewers a unique, original, non-stereotypical-family-sitcom that is definitely worth watching.

  • Good Vibes is an MTV show that's actually good?


    This coming-of-age story set in a beach town is the brainchild of Pineapple Express director David Gordon Green. Overall, this cartoon, Good Vibes is very promising, and I hope it gets better. The first episode was great enough and next week's episode looks good too, so I will give this show a chance.

    10 out of 10

  • One of the greatest animated series in this era!

    When I saw the previews for this show, it looked really stupid and I didn't bother watching it until the final two episodes, when I knew I was absolutely wrong. I then saw the rest of the series on MTV's website and I still rewatch the episodes whenever I can. It was a great show, with well-done characters, even with its edgy humor. It's a shame to see MTV put so little effort into making Beavis and Butt-head and Good Vibes have great audiences, it keeps leading to great shows that receive a harsh cancellation. If you want an animated series full of heart, this is for you. Find every way to watch it, buy the DVD on Amazon, or watch the series on Netflix! Netflix put the episodes in the original production order so you can enjoy it with the finale being Red Tuxedo. A second season would be nice, but I want this show to find a large audience first. How does it find a large audience? Spread the word of the show to friends, then so on. This show will probably never come back due to MTV's lack of care on anything.
  • A Surprisingly good comedy with more hits than misses and funny characters and more plots that aren't based solely in the stupid.

    I really enjoyed watching it and this is the only show from Mtv that I could stomach. The jokes, although sometimes based too much on hit girls and their boobs, are refreshing spin on the Family guy style.They don't step over the boundary and into the offensive and each story that is told has an under lying piece of heart warming innocence that is adored.It doesn't try too hard with the social commentary. The show makes you care about the characters and even the antagonist are likable in their own way. They have a complexity to them that is not common among show now.

    Even thou it is a boy comedy with the dick jokes and dreams of naked, bouncing drunken hot girls, it can be enjoyed by both genders. The female characters can stand alone and strong by themselves. The driving sub plot is Mondo, the protagonist, trying to win the love of Jena even thou she is dating is cute and well portrayed. You want more each episode.

    The lows? The jokes can be too crude and the oversexed episodes seem like it was created by a 15 year old boy. The reliance on stereotypes and cheap jokes are a bit tiring.

    Still good Vibes is one of the Best orginal shows of 2011 and is definitively worth checking out.
  • I completely underestimated this show...


    I With the crappy looking animation and the low- comedy commercials made this show look bad. Well, Lemme tell ya, Never judge a show by its commercial. this show is amazing. The comedy is ranchy and good. I've never laughed so hard at a show since Beavis and Butthead. The main characters are Mondo And Woody, Two best friends living on a beach near surfers, babes, And all sorts of crazy people. So, Like a lot of shows, Mondo is going for a girl. Normal, right? But, They way he does is laugh out loud funny. The boy has had a couple of close calls, but, He ain't quite there yet. Anyways, My only complaint is the animation. It's the only thing they didn't really try on for this show. Poor animation. Very poor. But, don't let that change your , Mind. I'm serious, folks! this show HAS the advantage. Let's just see if they live up to it. Final score: 9/10. I rest my case.

  • Stupid, painfully unfunny, drawn by mediocre artists, and dirty jokes just for the sake of trying to be "edgy". Basically, this show is a pile of hot, corn-filled excrement spewing out of a buffalo's swollen, puckered anus. (Yes, it's that bad).


    This show seems to be another heap of garbage MTV throws in to fill up time. It follows Beavis and Butthead every Thursday night, which honestly it could never hold a candle to. While Beavis and Butthead is often well-written and a highly enjoyable/easy laugh, this show comes off to me as trying to forcefully be "edgy" and dirty with absolutely no point or appeal whatsoever-- so much so that it comes off asdesperate and painfully unfunny. I would just say file it under "wannabe Family Guy" with an emphasis on desperation to do so.

    Also, it has some of the laziest, phoned-in flash animation I've ever seen... And being an animator/cartoonist myself, that says a lot. Anyway, if you want a good laugh on the same channel, watch Beavis and Butthead-- or hell, watch The Simpsons on FOX or South Park on Comedy Central. I guarantee you it's loads better than this insipid tripe.