Good Vibes

MTV - Music Television (ended 2011)





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  • Stupid, painfully unfunny, drawn by mediocre artists, and dirty jokes just for the sake of trying to be "edgy". Basically, this show is a pile of hot, corn-filled excrement spewing out of a buffalo's swollen, puckered anus. (Yes, it's that bad).


    This show seems to be another heap of garbage MTV throws in to fill up time. It follows Beavis and Butthead every Thursday night, which honestly it could never hold a candle to. While Beavis and Butthead is often well-written and a highly enjoyable/easy laugh, this show comes off to me as trying to forcefully be "edgy" and dirty with absolutely no point or appeal whatsoever-- so much so that it comes off asdesperate and painfully unfunny. I would just say file it under "wannabe Family Guy" with an emphasis on desperation to do so.

    Also, it has some of the laziest, phoned-in flash animation I've ever seen... And being an animator/cartoonist myself, that says a lot. Anyway, if you want a good laugh on the same channel, watch Beavis and Butthead-- or hell, watch The Simpsons on FOX or South Park on Comedy Central. I guarantee you it's loads better than this insipid tripe.