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  • A Surprisingly good comedy with more hits than misses and funny characters and more plots that aren't based solely in the stupid.

    I really enjoyed watching it and this is the only show from Mtv that I could stomach. The jokes, although sometimes based too much on hit girls and their boobs, are refreshing spin on the Family guy style.They don't step over the boundary and into the offensive and each story that is told has an under lying piece of heart warming innocence that is adored.It doesn't try too hard with the social commentary. The show makes you care about the characters and even the antagonist are likable in their own way. They have a complexity to them that is not common among show now.

    Even thou it is a boy comedy with the dick jokes and dreams of naked, bouncing drunken hot girls, it can be enjoyed by both genders. The female characters can stand alone and strong by themselves. The driving sub plot is Mondo, the protagonist, trying to win the love of Jena even thou she is dating is cute and well portrayed. You want more each episode.

    The lows? The jokes can be too crude and the oversexed episodes seem like it was created by a 15 year old boy. The reliance on stereotypes and cheap jokes are a bit tiring.

    Still good Vibes is one of the Best orginal shows of 2011 and is definitively worth checking out.
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