Good Vibrations

ABC1 (ended 1992)


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Good Vibrations

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Good Vibrations is an Australian mini-series that originally aired in two installments on 7 Network and ABC in 1992. In this comedic fantasy series, a large family moves from a city into the small community of Duck's Crossing. Not only must they adjust to suburban life, they must also adjust to the fact that their new house is actually a portal to the other side. Restless old ghosts cross over into the family's new home from the afterlife, often in a disruptive manner. The family's new suburban locale proves not to be a peaceful place for them after all. How could a family enjoy the comforts of home when home doubles as "Astral Transfer Station 5-5-2-0"? Can the family find a way to deal with the disruptions, or will they run screaming back to city life? Can each family member learn to embrace the ghost-inspired adventures that come with this new home and maybe even laugh a little along the way?