Good vs Evil

Syfy (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Underworld
      Episode 11
      Having a 'trust' problem, Chandler sits down with Henry after a mission and tells him how he died, was recruited by the Corps and about his first 24 hours as an agent, before he became Henry's partner.
    • Portrait of Evil
      Portrait of Evil
      Episode 10
      While on a mission Chandler gets thrown onto a railway track and breaks his back. Henry kills the escaping Morlock and rescues Chandler. Henry is awarded with the greatest honor a Corps agent can receive, the chance for ascension. All he has to do is past all the tests to prove he is worthy. Meanwhile Henry is stuck in his room, in a wheelchair, with a telescope for company. He spends his time watching a painter and his nude model in one apartment and a woman and her obnoxious, bedridden husband in another. He becomes excited when he sees one of these people signing a Faustian deal.moreless
    • Relic of Evil
      Relic of Evil
      Episode 9
      The Morlocks are very close to discovering the whereabouts of the Tablet of Santiago. If they can find it they can use it to possess the soul of a Corps agent and turn them into a demon at night. Henry and Chandler are sent to find it and prevent El Aurens, one of the Corp's most wanted Morlocks, from getting hold of it.moreless
    • M Is for Morlock
      M Is for Morlock
      Episode 8
      The Corps decides to implement a reward points scheme to encourage their agents to get more renunciations and find more Morlocks. This sparks a fierce competition between Henry and Chandler. As the saying goes a little competition can be a good thing but this goes far beyond that.
    • Cougar Pines
      Cougar Pines
      Episode 7
      Ford and Chandler are enjoying their round of golf at a country club until they discover the body of the number one golf pro, Remy Burrell, buried in a bunker. When they get back to HQ Ford checks with upstairs and discovers that Remy has not arrived there. If he has not gone 'up' then he must have gone 'down' and that means he had made a Faustian deal at some time or other. Henry and Chandler are assigned to find out who killed him, why they did so and who got him to sign the deal in the first place.moreless
    • Love Conquers Evil
      Ideal Date, a dating service, is much more than it seems. The service is run by Morlocks and they have big plans to get humans to make Faustian deals using their employees. Their other main targets are the men and women who work for the Corps.
    • Wonderful Life
      Wonderful Life
      Episode 5
      A woman, Michelle Parsons, whom Chandler had just got to renounce her Faustian deal is killed by the Morlock who recruited her. She dies because Chandler misses when he shoots first. Devastated by her death and by the subsequent interrogation from Decker and Ford he gives up and quits. Henry is told that if he doesn't find his partner within 24 hours then Deacon will terminate his contract and have him sent downstairs. Cannot have rogue agents on the loose after all! Chandler has gone to see his best friend, Orson. He finds him trying to kill himself and saves his life. They both sit down together and talk over the problems they are having with their lives and help each other get through their difficulties.moreless
    • Ambulance Chaser
      Ambulance Chaser
      Episode 4
      While trying to kill a Morlock, Chandler and Henry are filmed by a newspaper reporter. The film shows their target turning into a Morlock when they confront him. Now they not only have to finish off their target Morlock, a paramedic, but also have to persuade the reporter, Holly, not to print her story about the battle between good and evil that is waged on Earth. If she does it could lead to more people wanting to sign Faustian deals and the end of the Corps.moreless
    • Immigrant Evil
      Immigrant Evil
      Episode 3
      A Morlock discovers that promising to smuggle refugees from Serbia to the USA can get him a lot of Faustian deals. Chandler and Henry are assigned tom pick up one of the new arrivals and break open the morlock smuggling ring. Meanwhile Ben, fed up and angry at not seeing Chandler enough starts taking risks and living life to the max. He wants to join his dad in the Corps, or at the very least be able to help him fight the Morlocks.moreless
    • Renunciation
      Episode 2
      A package sent to Henry is intercepted outside Corps HQ in Hollywood. The package was from his old partner in Cleveland and Sonny Rhymes, Henry's one-time best friend and the man who killed him stole it! Henry and Chandlers assignment is to recover the package and get Sonny to renounce his Faustian deal, All Henry wants to do though is get revenge for his murder and kill Sonny himself. On the way to Sonny's place, Henry tells Chandler all about his life before he died, how he died and his early career in the Cleveland branch of the Corps.moreless
    • Nurse Evil
      Nurse Evil
      Episode 1
      Chandler gets arrested for impersonating a cop while he is trying to catch a Morlock. As part of his defense he tells the court all about the Corps and the battle of Good vs. Evil. Not surprisingly he gets sent to a mental institution. There he meets Annalise, a woman who was sent there by the Corps after her brother, an agent, told her all about the Corps and the Morlocks. Meanwhile Ben finally plucks up the courage to speak to a girl he likes and discovers she is into the occult and devil worship. He tells her about his father and the Corps hoping that she will take more notice of him.moreless
  • Season 1