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Syfy (ended 2000)





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  • About the life of Chandler who has died and has been recruited into the CORPS (a group of "angel" cops who battle with the Morlocks who try to steal the souls of mortals.)

    Simply a great show. Very funny! This is a must watch! The show takes a very '70's style into modern day. If anyone likes dark comedy, this is the show for you! I wish USA or the SCI-FI network had kept it on the air longer. I missed several episodes after it moved to Sci-Fi, but I was able to locate the entire series on Ebay. If you pay attention, you will see Star Trek Enterprise Malcom playing a Russian. This show was a bit ahead of it's time. I feel that if it had premiered on a network (instead of USA) it would have been very successful. I wish the production company would come out with a DVD set. The only way to see it now is to buy the DVD-R's on Ebay. The quality is OK, but the price is usually a but high.
  • The day-to-day grind of Heaven's Warriors versus the Forces of Evil.

    You take your basic Funky 70s Black Character, your basic Rumpled Cynical Divorced Father and Reporter, The Man Upstairs' directive to fight Evil, the groovy ex-Cowboy Decon Jones (as himself!), an in-your-grill, tough-but-fair Boss, and the rule that no one must know that you are alive or what you are REALLY doing, and you get this goofy gem.

    Clayton Rohner (THE LONE RANGER) and Richard Lawson (LAW & ORDER) are the team of Chandler and Henry, respectively. They fight, primarily, forces of Evil that trick folks into Faustian Deals- where you sign your soul over to The Devil. The different scams to do this are amusing and sometimes a fresh take.

    There is a subplot about Chandler's son finding out he is alive. There is also a wonderful guest star turn by the always radiant Nichelle Nicols as Henry's mom!

    If you enjoy irreverent humor, quick gags, a fun time, and a less serious way to think about "life lessons", dig up a tape/dvd, or rerun (possibly on USA?)and enjoy yourself!