Good vs Evil - Season 1

Syfy (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Cliffhanger
    Episode 11
    A writer of trashy romantic novels is thought to have made a Faustian deal when the first page of his new, serious book reveals an unexpected brilliance. Chandler and Henry visit him to find out if this is the case and to get him to renounce his deal if needed. They also want to find out the name of the Morlock who arranged the deal for him. They are hampered by the activities of his literary agent, Ronnie Mariner.moreless
  • Lady Evil
    Lady Evil
    Episode 10
    A rock band, Lady Evil, is going nowhere in their attempt to become rock stars. Harlow, one of the two members, decides they need a manager and chooses Roddy, a Morlock. The bands rise to fame is unbelievable and The Corps, utilizing their rock and roll expert Desmond Rossmore, send in Chandler and Henry with orders to get Harlow to renounce his deal.moreless
  • Sunday Night Evil
    Sunday Night Evil
    Episode 9
    A wrestler, Testicules, appears out of nowhere and Henry and Chandler think he has made a deal with a Morlock to become WWF superstar. Under pressure from their bosses, Ford and Decker, to get more 'renouncings' they decide that they need to make sure of this one. Henry enlists the aid of his old friend, and top WWF wrestler, Mankind and they set about trying to find out why the Morlocks are trying to infiltrate the WWF, as well as save the soul of Testicules.moreless
  • Choose Your Own Evil
    Chandler's son, Ben, is kidnapped by Morlocks and the price for his safe return is a precious amulet, kept by the Corps, in a safe, in their headquarters. It is an amulet of the four horsemen and if the Morlocks get their hands on all four then the spirit of absolute evil will be released. Chandler has a hard choice, will he risk the future on the world for the sake of his son?moreless
  • To Be Or Not to Be Evil
    While watching TV Henry and Chandler spot the same actor on every channel. They deduce that he must have signed a Faustian deal to be on so often. Decker and Ford agree that this is a possibility and decide that the two of them should go undercover to try and penetrate the Morlock underworld in Hollywood. Henry becomes enamoured by the whole actor's lifestyle and becomes caught up in the irresistible glamour of celebrity. Soon he is signing a Faustian deal himself and Chandler has to find a way to make him renounce it.moreless
  • Evilator
    Episode 6
    The Morlocks have invented a cloaking pill that will render then undetectable by Corps Agents. A deep undercover agent is sent in to find out more but her cover is blown. To attempt to rescue her, and discover what she has learnt, is tantamount to a suicide mission, so Decker and Ford choose Henry, Chandler and Esmerelda as the team to be cannon fodder.moreless
  • Airplane
    Episode 5
    A Morlock assassin whom Chandler and Henry are escorting via plane to Corps Headquarters manages to slip out of his restraints and kills the pilots, leaving Chandler, Smythe and Esmerelda (a Spanish Corps agent) helplessly plummeting to Earth.
  • Gee Your Hair Smells Evil
    His lack of success and lack of customers frustrates a young hairdresser. A Morlock arrives on the scene and tells him that she can arrange for him to become an overnight sensation. Will Chandler and Henry be able to stop another human falling into the grips of a Morlock?
  • Buried
    Episode 3
    Chandler takes his first solo mission, investigating a young boxer called Terry Culpepper. Three days later he wakes up to find himself buried in a coffin, no idea where he is and only his mobile phone to help him. He runs through his activities of the last few days to Henry, hoping that some clue will help lead Henry to him, before the water that is leaking in fills his coffin.moreless
  • Men Are From Mars, Women Are Evil
    Henry and Chandler infiltrate the world of sleazy strip clubs to capture Dr. Love, a serial killer who preys on red-headed strippers. Chandler comes very close to breaking one of The Corps' main rules, that they are forbidden to have any sort of relationship with humans, when he and one of the strippers, Cherry Vallance, fall in love with each other.moreless
  • Orange Volvo
    Orange Volvo
    Episode 1
    When Chandler Smythe is murdered he doesn't go to his eternal rest. Instead he finds himself enlisted by a mysterious organisation (The Corps) to help wage the never-ending war of Good vs. Evil on Earth. Smythe's first mission, with his partner Henry, involves trying to free a condemned man who was convicted of killing a cop. A cop who is, not only still alive, but a Morlock. A Morlock is the epitome of evil on Earth and someone who tries to recruit humans to evil.moreless