Goodness Gracious Me

BBC Two (ended 2000)




Episode Guide

  • Season 3
    • Comic Relief
    • GGM: Back Where They Came From
      Special Edition where the Goodness Gracious Me team visit India to take an irreverant look at modern Indian society. Sketches Include: Coopers at the airport, Coopers arrive in India, Untouchable - table, East Eats West - sea bass, Coopers - taxi, Delhi Reporter - beggars, Untouchable - car boot, Christianity Conversion, East Eats West - scones, Coopers - britisher, Delhi Reporter - not mark tully, Guru - profile, Asbestos Sari, Untouchable - remote control, East Eats West - wine, Coopers - curry, Blame It On The Muslims/Hindus (song), Coopers - toilet, Mr 'Everything Comes from India' - electrics, 3-Legged Chicken joke, Delhi Reporter - red fort, Smeeta Smitten - neetu nitty, Coopers - erection, India's Craaaziest Drivers - scooter, Squirty Flower joke, Chunky Lafunga - hero, India's Craaaziest Drivers - horn, Coopers - handbag, Mr 'Everything Comes from India' - indians, India's Craaaziest Drivers - cows, Coopers - indian tradition, Fawlty Turrets, Delhi Reporter - well, Knock-Knock joke, Coopers - white english, Taxi Wash, Do I Fit In? (song), Mr 'Everything Comes from India' - cowpatmoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 6
      Sketches Include: Internet Muffins, Brown Peter - desk tidy, Check Please - best friend, Asian Art - Punjabi's on Ice, Competitve Mothers - car trouble, Bhangraman - morris dancer, Malkit - sikh fire brigade, Competitve Mothers - car trouble 2, Check Please - mind reader, Competitve Mothers - car trouble 3, Baby Names, Reporter - deathtrap taxi, Guru - product placement, I Want a Poo, Asian Top Gear, Battling Masi's, Coopers at Eurovision - British (song), Check Please - betmoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 5
      Sketches Include: Shoe Auntie - time for bed, Reporter - halal meat trade, Smeeta Smitten - customs officer, Millionaire Muffins, Shoe Auntie - shoe shop, Channa's Angels, Shoe Auntie - martial arts, Pukka Wedding Company, Check Please - pre-marital shag, Bhangraman - sun disaster, An American Werewolf in Ludhiana, Check Please - not there, HighStreet Boys - Let's Make Arrangements (song) Minx Twins - park, Skipinder the Punjabi kangaroo, Persecuted Couple - excrement, Check Please - you're too fat Coopers in the Pub, The Adventures of Lassimoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 4
      Sketches Include: Alcohol Muffins, Grandmother's Feet, Sindi Dolls - engagement rings, This Morning, Uncle Fixer - robbery, Minx Twins - builders, Terrorist Meeting, Won't You Buy Me Another Mercedes Benz (song), Shouting Father, Bhangraman - earthquake, Check Please - cameron diaz, Minx Twins - Say As If (song), Check Please - not that ugly, Smeeta Smitten - children's tv, Reporter - most vulgar asian, Guru - football team, Check Please - shaddap you facemoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 3
      Sketches Include: Airport Check-In, Competive Mothers - Party Crashers, Film Director, Airport Check-In - luggage, Check Please - sleeping with sister, Mrs 'Make It At Home for Nothing' - friends, Film Director - comedy, Sindi Dolls - pubic chin factor, Coopers - airport queue, Malkit - pharmacists, Airport Check-In - big suitcase, Marriage Pressure, Delhi Students - V.S.I., Sindi Dolls - credit limit, Film Director - dance, Delhi Students - education, Check Please - spit or swallow, Mr 'Everything Comes From India' - christian, Club Nirvana (song), Milk Bottlemoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 2
      Sketches Include: Check Please - promiscuous, ACBBC - Live and Cooking, Reporter - refugee camp, Embarrassed Father - tv orgasm, Chunky LaFunga - porn film, Embarrassed Father - dinosaur, Smeeta Smitten - streetdate, Mr 'Everything Comes from India' - art, Embarrassed Father - sex position, Not Saving Private Narayan, Hey Big Spinster (song), Check Please - tactile, Mrs 'I Can Make It at Home' - wedding, Tolerant Society, Asian Shopping Channel, Embarrassed Father - scrabble, Check Please - crooked tie, Coopers - pets, Embarrassed Father - sexmoreless
    • Series 3, Episode 1
      Sketches Include: Community Police, Check Please - pissed, Competitive Mothers - freud, Racism Couple - no pakis, Coopers in Church, Check Please - bird of paradise, Fashionable Girlfriend, Smeeta Smitten - cat food, Delhitubbies, Coopers in Church - wine and wafers, Punjabi Adult Pleasure Line, Coopers in Church - collection, Check Please - dogs, The Great Escape, Check Please - magic word, Bollywood (song), GGM Khaki Bhangramoreless
  • Season 2
  • Season 1
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