Goodnight Sweetheart

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • Rites of Passage
      Rites of Passage
      Episode 1
      Lost in the East End of London, TV repairman Gary Sparrow walks down Ducketts Passage, through a time warp into 1940. In the Royal Oak pub there, without either gasmask or identity papers, he is suspected of being a spy. His eye is drawn by the barmaid Phoebe, but she is a married woman whose husband is away in the war. In the cellar during an air raid he teaches the pub regulars some songs. He also helps Eric, Phoebe's father, who is injured during the raid. But what will he tell his wife Yvonne, when, and if, he gets home?moreless
    • Fools Rush In
      Fools Rush In
      Episode 2
      Ignoring Yvonne's advice, Gary goes for a promotion interview but does not wear a suit. His friend, Ron, hearing Gary's call to a radio phone-in program, is intrigued to know if he really did travel back in time. After another argument with Yvonne, Gary does buy a suit, though not quite what she had in mind. He returns to Duckett's Passage to see if he can go back to 1940, and what he found there.moreless
    • Is Your Journey Really Necessary?
      Gary & Yvonne argue about her preoccupation with her Open University degree course and his obsession with WW2. Warning Phoebe that the bombing will start early that evening, Gary takes her to Holborn Underground station to shelter overnight. When they return to the Royal Oak next morning, he is questioned by the police. Back in their Cricklewood home, Yvonne is worried when Gary fails to return from work that evening.
    • The More I See You
      Gary asks Ron, who is a printer, to forge him some 1940s identity papers. Although he dresses for the part, Ron finds that only Gary can go back to 1940. While walking in a cemetery, Phoebe asks Gary to take her back to the 1990s with him. Back in the 1990s, Ron is angry, and Gary drives all the way to Huddersfield, where Yvonne has gone for her Open University degree course, worried that Ron has told her about Phoebe.moreless
    • I Get Along Without You Very Well
      Wanting to improve their marriage, Yvonne decides to share an interest with Gary. News of an old lady leads Gary to believe he must return once more to 1940. Ron goes to Lithuania to watch an England football match as a cover. Gary is knocked down and comes to in the hospital with Phoebe & PC Deadman by his bedside. With Gary's stay in 1940 extended, Ron decides to tell Yvonne that Gary has been held by the Lithuanian police.moreless
    • In the Mood
      In the Mood
      Episode 6
      Gary decides to make another visit to 1940, following an ultimatum from Yvonne. Ron forges some 1940s money so that Gary can make a killing on the Stock Exchange. PC Deadman brings news of the King's visit to East London and Gary arranges to visit the London Hospital. Gary takes Phoebe for a meal at the Savoy to say goodbye, and secretly books the Imperial Suite. Phoebe's father, Eric, brings her some important news. Gary gives Yvonne an unexpected present, and she points out someone who looks rather familiar in an old 1940s newsreel.moreless
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