Goodnight Sweetheart - Season 2

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Between The Devil And The Deep Blue Sea
    The new development of Ducketts Plaza blocks Gary's route back to 1941. Estate agent Jayne takes a shine to Gary when he inspects one of the shop units for a potential new business selling WW2 memorabilia. Gary is torn between his two lives and loves: although he has a skiing trip with Yvonne arranged, he'd rather be with Phoebe over Christmas.moreless
  • Don't Fence Me In
    Don't Fence Me In
    Episode 10
    Phoebe is told that the brewery have another tenant for the Royal Oak and that she has to leave. When Mr Harrison visits her, he makes a proposition. Building work starts in Ducketts Passage, and a Portakabin blocks Gary's way when he wants to visit Phoebe to wish her a happy birthday.moreless
  • Let Yourself Go
    Let Yourself Go
    Episode 9
    Gary gets scared when Yvonne thinks they are going to become parents. When he goes to see Phoebe, she is about to go to Buckinghamshire to visit her orphan cousins. Yvonne arranges to make a weekend visit to her mother. Gary goes with Phoebe to Buckinghamshire, but meets someone else, while Phoebe is attracted to a handsome American airman.moreless
  • Nice Work If You Can Get It
    Gary goes back to 1941 to give a concert in Palmer's Green, but only returns home in the early hours. Wix wants to sign a contract with Gary to publish "his" songs, which Phoebe thinks is a good idea. When an air raid occurs, it prevents Gary from playing in Plaistow and from returning as he intended to make his theatrical debut? And what were those pills the doctor has prescribed for Gary's nerves?moreless
  • Would You Like to Swing on a Star
    Yvonne becomes an amateur actress and lands a lead role, while Gary only gets a backstage role. Gary decides to do some "import/export" between 1941 & 1995 to make some money.
  • ...As You Wave Me Goodbye
    Gary realises that life in 1941 is not what he expected. The water supply is interrupted by a bomb, and he is put on fire-watching duty. Phoebe is incensed to discover that her relationship with Gary is the subject of gossip. But how can Gary go home to 1995, when he has "committed suicide" there?moreless
  • Wish Me Luck
    Wish Me Luck
    Episode 5
    When it looks Yvonne may be promoted at work, she wants them to move far away from London. Gary thinks of a risky scheme to get himself out of the situation.
  • Who's Taking You Home Tonight
    Phoebe invites Gary for a meal, and Yvonne makes plans with him. How can he be in two places and times at once?
  • Just One More Chance
    In 1941, Gary faces a court appearance after a drinking bout. It seems he will lose his driving licence and his job. When their marriage looks like it's falling apart, Yvonne decides to seek help. Meanwhile Phoebe is pining for Gary and feeling sorry for herself.
  • I Got It Bad and That Ain't Good
    In 1995, Yvonne is thinking about having a family, and wants to move house. In 1941, Phoebe meets someone tall, dark & handsome, and gives Gary a cool reception.
  • Don't Get Around Much Anymore
    Gary returns to the 1940s to try to make a fortune using his knowledge of the future. He finds that there are some changes at the Royal Oak. When he makes an appointment to see the local bank manager, he gets a surprise.