Goodnight Sweetheart - Season 3

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Let's Get Away from It All
    Both Yvonne and Phoebe want to move house, but moving is the least of Gary's worries, as he is hit by bombshells in both his lives.
  • The Yanks Are Coming
    Gary is put out when the Americans arrive at the Royal Oak. As Gary owes Ron a favour, he sets up a deal to import some American goods from 1942. An episode of racial tension requires Gary to take some drastic action.
  • Someone to Watch Over Me
    Having missed the interview that Yvonne had arranged for him, Gary pretends to have been taken ill and takes things quietly until Ron comes round to cheer him up. Phoebe becomes ill; can Gary transport medicine back in time? Yvonne has something she has to tell Gary.
  • There's Something About a Soldier
    Yvonne pressures Gary to take a sensible job with her new company, and arranges an interview for him. Gary's life with Phoebe is threatened by a returning hero, so should he forsake the past and stay in the 1990s?
  • Turned Out Nice Again
    The famous entertainer George Formby arrives at the Royal Oak wanting to record one of Gary's songs. Gary has doubts about tampering with history. Stella has a deep discussion with Yvonne about the men in her life.
  • Goodnight Children Everywhere
    Phoebe's young orphaned relatives Sally and Peter return to live with her at the Royal Oak, and Gary has his arm twisted to help on the home front. Ron is still having problems with Stella, and despite Yvonne's unwillingness he moves in, but Gary begins to regret taking pity on him.moreless
  • Change Partners
    Change Partners
    Episode 4
    The Ron and Stella saga continues. All seems well with both Phoebe and Yvonne, but while Gary's away the girls get up to things. Gary's nearly late as the belle of the ball. Meanwhile, in the cellar Reg is making a present for Frankie.
  • It's a Sin to Tell a Lie
    Gary helps Yvonne with her Open University work with a WW2 tale of a Nazi spy and counterfeit money. Ron and Stella are still causing each other grief.
  • One O'Clock Jump
    One O'Clock Jump
    Episode 2
    Gary is having some success with his shop, but this makes the unemployed Yvonne depressed, until she gets a job interview. Phoebe becomes broody. Gary makes a trip to Streatham bus garage, which leads to a revelation for PC Deadman.
  • It Ain't Necessarily So
    When Gary returns from the skiing holiday, he goes to see Phoebe, but makes an error in front of Mrs Bloss. This creates problems for Phoebe, but Mrs Bloss has a secret too. Stella Wheatcroft arranges a New Year's Eve party but doesn't invite Ron. Gary benefits from British Summer Time.moreless