Goodnight Sweetheart - Season 6

BBC (ended 1999)




Episode Guide

  • Many Happy Returns
    Many Happy Returns
    Episode 11
  • Accentuate the Positive
    After Yvonne's suspicions are aroused by Gary once again mysteriously heading off to far locations, Yvonne follows him and accidentally sees him in the act of vanishing into thin air as he steps through the time portal. In the past, Gary prevents an assassination attempt on future Prime Minister Clement Attlee, which leads to the time portal closing permanently, giving him no choice but to remain in the 1940s. He paints a final message to Ron and Yvonne on the same Mayfair flat wall from which Ron will one day strip old wallpaper, to discover the words. In an eerie scene, the words appear on the wall in the present as Gary scribbles them there in 1945.moreless
  • Flash Bang Wallop
    Flash Bang Wallop
    Episode 9
    Gary must take drastic measures to ensure that a compromising photo from the Forties isn't seen in the present day.
  • Something Fishie
    Something Fishie
    Episode 8
    Gary and Phoebe have to deal with a protection racket, while Yvonne receives a rude surprise.
  • How I Won the War
    How I Won the War
    Episode 7
    A trip to northern France to entertain the troops forces Gary to play the hero following the sudden invasion by the Germans.
  • Just in Time
    Just in Time
    Episode 6
    The arrival of a workman from the far future to repair the hole in the space-time corridor forces Gary to think about where his future really lies, so he leaves the shop to Ron, who promptly sells the entire stock on credit to a strange young man.
  • The 'ouses in Between
    Yvonne sells Nature Boy cosmetics for a multi-million sum. Gary travels back through the time gate in Ducketts Passage, arriving on a foggy night, where things don't look quite usual for the 1940s. At the Royal Oak, he finds it's the 1880s, though the policeman and a music-hall singer look strangely familiar. He is accused of being Jack the Ripper, when two murders occur close-by on the two nights he's there. While escaping the mob, he meets the real Ripper...moreless
  • Grief Encounter
    Grief Encounter
    Episode 4
    Phoebe loses her patience when Gary backs out of a part in Noël Coward's new film, because he doesn't want to be recognised in it in the 1990s. She gets a part as an extra, but does she have more than a Brief Encounter on her mind? Gary thinks so, and barges in on the set.moreless
  • California Dreamin'
    Gary has to think fast when both his wives decide it's time to move to California. Phoebe's tenancy of the Royal Oak is up, and she wants to start a new life away from the shortages of Britain, but Gary persuades her to open a night club, The Blue Door, instead. Yvonne wants to be near the expansion of her Nature Boy cosmetics into the US market, but Gary convinces her to stay with him in London. Reg retires from the police force, but his leaving party is not a success, though he does he another job immediately, as a security guard at Gary's Mayfair apartment block.moreless
  • All About Yvonne
    All About Yvonne
    Episode 2
    Yvonne throws Gary out of their Thameside penthouse apartment, which makes Gary edgy, which in turn makes Phoebe suspicious that there's someone else in his life. Ron has new girlfriend, Flic, who is so classy she's out of his league, and he is desperate to impress her, but Gary is more concerned about getting back with Yvonne.moreless
  • Mine's a Double
    Mine's a Double
    Episode 1
    A stormy night in the forties turns Gary's world upside down. The problem is sorting it out, particularly when everyone is seeing double.