Goodyear Television Playhouse - Season 3

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • The Big Man on Campus
    An ex-football hero, who can't forget the past, stays on the campus to run the college supply store and work on his doctorate. Ten years have elapsed since graduation and his work hasn't neared completion.
  • The Power of Suggestion
    A happy marriage is soon on the rocks all because of an innocent comment. A wife suggests to her husband that another woman she knows is crazy about him. Flattered and excited, he decides to pursue the suggestion.
  • Recoil
    Episode 22
    A quiet gentle man is torn between his abhorence of brute force and his pride. Refusing to capture a couple of teenaged burglars, the man is branded a coward. His later plan to apprehend the culprits changes his life.
  • The Arena
    The Arena
    Episode 21
    An old professional wrestler whose pride and joy is his daughter, tries to keep her sheltered and wants her to marry a medical student. But Julie falls in love with a young boxer whom her father bitterly opposes.
  • Dear Harriet Heart -Throb
    The story of a newspaperman who writes a lovelorn column and winds up in a romance and then has trouble when he becomes ill and a substitute takes over his job.
  • Suitable for Framing
    A high-pressure public relations man takes a job as a publicist for a new art gallery. But the gallery owner has his own plans for hitting the front pages, far more artful than the publicist could suggest.
  • Write Me Out Forever
    A radio soap opera star is written out of the script for two weeks because her boyfriend has returned from the military. The two marry and soon she's declaring war on the Army.
  • Somebody Special
    Somebody Special
    Episode 17
    An average New York housewife thinks that the popular crooner Sammy Andrews is the boy she used to date in high school. If only she'd married him, she'd be the wife of a celebrity.
  • The Lawn Party
    The Lawn Party
    Episode 17
    A midwestern housewife wants to give an elaborate birthday party for her daughter. By her plans to "beautify" an empty lot for the occasion, she unintentionally hurts the people about her.
  • Miss Look-Alike
    Miss Look-Alike
    Episode 15
    A bored young girl wins a contest and is given a whirlwind trip of New York only to learn the truth about glitz and glamour.
  • Old Tasselfoot
    Old Tasselfoot
    Episode 14
    It's the story of an aging blacksmith and a teenager who follows the movements of a crippled whooping crane - looking on the crane's appearance as a good omen. When the bird fails to return this year, the old man realizes at last that time is passing him by.
  • Spring Reunion
    Spring Reunion
    Episode 13
    A 32-year-old woman never married falls for a man was voted most likely to succeed but never did. When they fall in love with each other, she has a hard time separating from her overprotective father who calls the man a cad.
  • Native Dancer
    Native Dancer
    Episode 12
    A talented ballerina is undiscovered until her agent cooks up a hoax. The hoax backfires, but eventually the dancer's luck changes.
  • The Inward Eye
    The Inward Eye
    Episode 11
    The story of a young girl who abandons hope of adjusting herself to a life of darkness. She is urged to attend the famed Seeing Eye School in Morristown, N.J. and the story then traces through film documentation her training at the institution.
  • Buy Me Blue Ribbons
    Buy Me Blue Ribbons
    Episode 10
    A rich, spoiled arrogant ex-child star decides to buy his way back into the limelight. He hires a destitute producer and other workers, but is so bad in the role that he is kicked out of it. The play then becomes a hit - without the former genius.
  • The Huntress
    The Huntress
    Episode 9
    A working girl after saving up 5,000 dollars, quits her job and goes to Las Vegas in search of a rich husband. She meets and falls in love with a young man who happens to have a rich father, but who is unimpressed by wealth.
  • The Brownstone
    The Brownstone
    Episode 8
    The older sister runs a rooming house and raises her young sister when a young man enters their lives.
  • Here's Father
    Here's Father
    Episode 7
    A famous producer is allowed to spend one week with his young son, the problem is that he's busy and doesn't have the time to be with him.
  • Moment of Panic
    Moment of Panic
    Episode 6
    After running down a woman in the street, an insurance executive terrified with the prospect of bad publicity, leaves the scene of the accident.
  • Wings Over Barriers
    A documentary on aviation with Igor Sikorsky, Elmer Sperry, Major Charles Yeager and Ken Boedecker appear in the 50th Anniversary of Powered Flight. Lindbergh's take-off from Roosevelt's Field and his landing at Le Bourget, France, some 33 hours later; the historic breaking of the sound barrier by the XS-1; and the recent flight at more than twice the speed of sound by a Navy research craft are among the historic films shown on the program.moreless
  • Madame Aphrodite
    Madame Aphrodite
    Episode 4
    A beautician fools her customers into thinking her cream is the secret to looking and feeling younger.
  • John Turner
    John Turner
    Episode 3
    The story about a young boy befriended by a childless couple. The boy lives with his aunt and uncle, an itinerant cotton picker when he is abandoned by them. The couple hope to adopt the fourteen year old as their own.
  • The Burgundy Touch
    The Burgundy Touch
    Episode 2
    The story of a college professor and his wife who are on vacation in France. Their car breaks down in a little Burgundy village. The professor dreams of finding a place in the world where he can have peace of mind, and thinks he has found it in this tiny town. He decides to give up his college career and settle down on a little French farm among the vineyards. His wife hopes that something will occur to make him change his mind and return to the college life.moreless
  • The Happy Rest
    The Happy Rest
    Episode 1
    The story of an orphan girl married to a farm boy and her "fool notion" to have her baby in a hospital.