Goodyear Television Playhouse - Season 4

NBC (ended 1957)




Episode Guide

  • The Takers
    The Takers
    Episode 23
    Zysski discovers that there is a leak of information regarding the proposed raids of a numbers racket, but finds it extremely difficult to track down the cop who is doing the dirty work.
  • The Prizewinner
    The Prizewinner
    Episode 22
    A pair of secretaries set out on a vacation cruise after one of them wins a contest. One of the girls is an introvert, the other an extrovert, and romance comes sailing along to one.
  • Man on Spikes
    Man on Spikes
    Episode 21
    At the age of 34 a ball player wants to get into the major leagues and has to face the taunts of his wife and the reality of his own advanced years. The manager of his minor league team double-crosses him in a way and the results are not quite what anyone expects when a scout comes looking for a big league replacement.moreless
  • Tangled Web
    Tangled Web
    Episode 20
    A shy and retiring secretary pretends to her roommates that her boss sends her flowers and she has dates with him. Two of the girls become suspicious, follow her and force her to ring the boss' doorbell. The boss understands and co-operates to the extent of kissing the girl in the window so the two waiting outside can see. The girl returns to her room and later is visited by a detective who thinks she is ripe for a murder charge since the boss was killed the same night.moreless
  • End of the Mission
    End of the Mission
    Episode 19
    An OSS Officer is part of a radio team sent to France to act as clearing house for orders from SHAEF and the French Underground. They are secreted in Madame Du Tard's house and after many months are recalled. While waiting to be picked up on the beach they are ambushed and only Paul escapes with his life. He returns to France in 1955, 11 years later, to seek the answer to the betrayal of his team and gets a shocking and surprising answer.moreless
  • Mr. Dorothy Allen
    Mr. Dorothy Allen
    Episode 18
    A husband who gave up his newspaper career to become his actress/wife's publicity agent realizes that he's merely thought of as "Mr. Dorothy Allen".
  • The Catered Affair
    The Catered Affair
    Episode 17
    An Irish family is bickering about plans for their daughter's upcoming prenuptials. The bride-to-be and her thrifty father favor an intimate wedding while Mother and brother-in-law 'Uncle Jack' have in a mind a large and elaborate catered affair.
  • Visit to a Small Planet
    A Pennsylvania radio announcer discovers that a spaceship has landed on his farm. From it steps the dapper, clairvoyant Kreton, who's come to Earth to see how its 'savages' live. He's also prepared to give the lowly Earthmen a few hints on running their civilization.
  • Do It Yourself
    Do It Yourself
    Episode 15
    There's more than the do-it-yourself fever behind an unsuccessful writer's plan to build his home himself. His almost too perfect wife, a successful fashion editor, would realize that, if only she hadn't just been offered a job in Paris.
  • Beloved Stranger
    Beloved Stranger
    Episode 14
    A ships' captain dies at sea before he can name the person to whom he leaves his worldly possessions. A lawyer's search leads to the three women, each of whom could be the "beloved stranger".
  • The Chivington Raid
    The Chivington Raid
    Episode 13
    Col. Chivington, lends his Colorado Volunteers in an unjustified revenge killing of Cheyenne Indians suspected, but not proven guilty, of murdering two white men.
  • My Lost Saints
    My Lost Saints
    Episode 12
    The family maid who runs the house is forced to divide her attention when her mother, a peasant farm woman, visits.
  • Backfire
    Episode 11
    A sociology professor believes he can categorize people by their ancestry and up-bringing. His convictions grow when he identifies a murderer and discovers the man had a criminal backgroud. However a pair of glasses play an important role and he learns that not all people can be classified according to type and origin.moreless
  • The Rabbit Trap
    The Rabbit Trap
    Episode 10
    A family is vacationing when the husband is called back to work by a tyrannical employer. He packs up the family and heads to the city, only to be reminded by his young son that a rabbit trap had been set and that any rabbit caught in it will starve. The father then faces the decision of sacrificing his job to retain the respect of his family.moreless
  • The Way Things Happen
    At the restaurant where he met his soon-to-be ex-wife, a writer discusses old times with the cafe's owner.
  • Doing Her Bit
    Doing Her Bit
    Episode 8
    A movie star entertains the troops in Korea. She encounters a tough-as-nails Army captain and suddenly, they're mixing love and war.
  • A Case of Pure Fiction
    A mystery writer plots the perfect crime only to have it used against her.
  • Class of '58
    Class of '58
    Episode 6
    A college freshman has been expelled from school on the eve of the Christmas holidays, while trying to make money as a musician is picked up hitchhiking by a salesman.
  • Last Boat From Messina
    A Sicilian girl is refused admission to this country on the grounds that she was a Nazi sympathizer during the war. A reluctant witness the girl's cousin and the girl herself find their lives vastly changed after the hearing on her eligibility.
  • Thunder of Silence
    Thunder of Silence
    Episode 4
    A lonely farmer and his wife take in European DP's, a father and his teenaged daughter who spent years in a concentration camp. They are unable to become friends until helped by the return of their runaway son.
  • Flight Report
    Flight Report
    Episode 3
    A tough naval lieutenant finds himself deeply embroiled in the question of courage and individual importance when a young flier makes a major error during an attack from the Japanese.
  • The Personal Touch
    The Personal Touch
    Episode 2
    A quiz kid who is heir to the throne is sent to the U.S. under the guardianship of Lady Bridget Willing. A high-powered American press agent handles the tour, much to the aggravation of Lady Bridget.
  • Guilty Is the Stranger
    The story begins in a trench in Korea where a soldier loses his nerve, threatens the lives of his patrol, and is tied to a tree where he is killed by mortar fire. Months later a member of the patrol visits the family of the dead soldier but is forced to reveal the events that led to the boy's death. The revelation results in startling changes in the lives of those concerned.moreless