Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 31

A Goof of the People

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 19, 1992 on
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A Goof of the People
Goofy runs for mayor when pollution becomes a problem for Goofy and in Spoonerville, but so does Pete. However, the president of Slime Co., a factory causing that pollution, won't let pro-cleanliness stop his factory's production.

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  • Well written, eh?

    This episode is a humerous take on factory pollution, and the way Goofy emerges victory is funny, especially when he is on the verge to become a mayor. Of course, Pete doesn't want Goofy to be a mayor so he decided to be his competitor, but as always, he is poor at making a good impression after getting both a bribe and a change of heart from the president of Slime Co. And of course, the president of Slime Co. wants to sabotage Goofy, which then turns for the worse for Goofy for a while, but is victorius in the end. That's cool!moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Pistol Pete

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

PJ (Pete Junior)

April Winchell

April Winchell

Peg Pete

Dana Hill

Dana Hill

Maximillian "Max" Goof

Corey Burton

Corey Burton

How To Narrator, Additional Voices

Guest Star

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    • "How To" Narrator:

      How To Be A Politician

      Ah, the politician, starts at the beginning of common good, tireless public servant, selflessly fighting for the welfare of his fellow men, which qualifies him for this illuminating of all posts, is for the middle of experience, keen intelligence of the scale of honesty, yes! Once he's got the most votes."

      [CHAPTER 1: How to get Elected]

      The single most vote-getting device is the handshake. Remember to shake every hand that comes your way. Remember, an unshooked hand is a vote for your opponent. (Goofy shook hands with too many people) Unfortunately, for both candidates, the right hand seldom knows what the left is doing.

      [CHAPTER 2: Kissing Babies]

      There is no better way to win a vote of a proud new parent than to admire and kiss their baby. (Goofy kissed a baby) There're 9 out of 10 babies are precious little bundles of joy. (Goofy adored a baby, then someone tapped on his shoulder.) It's the 10th only you have to watch out for. (Goofy took a parent's baby, who boxed his nose, then he returned the baby.)

      [CHAPTER 3]

      Having mastered the art of Handshake and Baby Kissing, it's time to combine the two. (Goofy shook a hand with a guy, then kissed a baby) Have you got it? (Goofy: "I think so." He shook hands with the baby, then kissed that guy. The guy held him by the collar) Yes, by following these few simple tips your campaign will really take off! (Goofy got knocked away across the city)

    • Mr. Sludge: (After smelling clean air from a jar) I'm...I'm melting!
      Goofy: No you're not, Fenton. You're just letting off a little steam, A-Hyuck!
      (After Mr. Sludge transformed into a clean guy)
      Goofy: Well what did you know, you're a handsome guy!
      Melvin: Yeah, that's right sir, the clean air really cleared up your complexion!

    • (Slime monster was taking interest on Mr. Sludge)
      Monster: Dada?
      Mr. Sludge: No! I am not your dada!
      Melvin: Er, there seems to be a family resemblance, sir.
      Mr. Sludge: He's your dada! (Points to Goofy)

    • Goofy: Look that way, Maxie, these footprints could only belong to one person.
      Max: The swamp beast from Planet Nine?
      Goofy: No, Maxie, the President of Slime Co.!

    • Newscaster: Pete, taking into account Municipal Reverence and Recessionary Deflation, what serial index would you use to determine taxes?
      Pete: I-why-wha-er-woo-wa-wa, free burgers for everyone! (Public cheers) Hahahahaha!
      Newscaster: I see. And what's your response, candidate Goofy?
      Goofy: A-Hyuck! Needs ketchup.

    • Newspaper: Goofy wins the rural vote. Scores Big in Spoonerville hitewed.
      Mr. Sludge: You're proving to me a great disappointment to me, Pete!
      Pete: Hey, how am I supposed to know that cows were registered voters?

    • Pete: Hey kids, what time is it? It's time to vote for Pete! Haha ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!

    • Goofy: And being elected, I promise to clean up Slime Co., and stop pollution. So remember, a vote for me is the Goofy way to vote, A-Hyuck!
      (Pete stole Goofy's script and read it to the public)
      Pete: And being elected, I promise to, er, clean up Slee-mee-cer, Slime Co.!, and stop pollution. So remember, a vote for me is the Goofy, ah-ha-ha, I mean the Petey way to vote!

    • Max: You're going to be the new mayor of Spoonerville!
      Goofy: I am?
      Max: It's the only way you'll ever get SlimeCo. to stop polluting.
      Goofy: But Maxie, I'm no politician.
      Max: Nothing to worry about, pop. This book will tell you everything you need to know. (Hands politics book to Goofy)

    • Max: (thought for a while) I got it! Our teacher's been telling us there's a special election for mayor coming up! Dad, you gotta get involved.
      Goofy: OK, Maxie, I will!
      Max: And take a stand!
      Goofy: (stands) I'm standing, son!
      Max: Dad, you gotta run!
      Goofy: (runs) I'm running, Maxie! (runs through the door) Just one question son, where am I running to? (pants)
      Max: City Hall, dad!

    • Max: Mr. Sludge figures that he didn't have to listen to you because you're just darn too public.
      Goofy: You mean the fella they name the public library after?

    • Goofy: Oh, I wanna show you something. (Went to take an empty jar) Lo-lorie!
      Max: This is what you wanted to show me? An empty mayonnaise jar?
      Goofy: It's clean air, Max. Been saving it since my childhood.
      Max: Wow! It's 10 times cleaner than the air outside.
      Goofy: That settles it. I'm going to talk to that Slime Co. fellas about cleaning up their act. (Gave Max the jar) Here son, you keep this. It's the family "air-loom" (heirloom).

    • Goofy: Something in the air doesn't agree with my garden, Maxie.
      Max: That's pollution, Pops.
      Goofy: Now son, it's OK to disagree with me, but no need to use that sort of language.
      Max: Dad, I'm talking about all the dirt in here, and it's coming from there, the new Slime Co. Factory!
      Goofy: That's right, Maxie, the air was lots cleaner before they showed up.

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