Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 26

All the Goof That's Fit to Print

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 12, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

On a hot Saturday summer, Max and PJ trimmed Pete's front lawn. They were exhausted. Suddenly Pete backed his car in front of his garage with supplies in his boot. Goofy thanked Pete for allowing Max to earn some money the honest way (which Pete won't admit was true). Goofy left his house after that. Max and PJ were lying around tired, but Pete harshly ordered them to help him take his boxes of supplies. PJ asked what it was. Pete told them that in them were stickers (with his face on it) for his "sales-inducing strategic advertising", and it involved him eating raw meat. Max told him that that wasn't true, but Pete taught the kids that if they didn't stretch the truth (otherwise known as exaggerating), then no one will believe them. Pete also sticks his stickers all over his car and his house, (first of all) on Max's head and PJ's butt. PJ admired his sticker-infested house after he had done sticking, and immediately ordered the boys to clean the driveway.

In Pete's house, Pete was sitting on his chair with a lax attitude as his own walls were stuck with his stickers. Max and PJ walked into the house tired and dirty. Max nudged PJ to ask his dad the pay. PJ asked Pete hesitantly for money for their work, and Pete agreed to give them, but each boy only gets a quarter. Max wasn't satisfied and mentioned it (they had did 12 hours of work), and Pete decided to replace the quarters with nickels. Max was even unsatisfied, so Pete went to inform them dominantly and threateningly that they shouldn't expect corporate-sized wages as labour, like in the real world, as he did his job as a coal mine worker and didn't have as much as they had, and they should have experience what it was like doing a real job in the real world.

At Honest Pete's Used Cars the next morning, Max and PJ were fixing a car, but Pete interfered with them, telling them that that was a real job in the real world. PJ then couldn't get a grip on the air hose. The hose was out of control, and it soon tied itself around Max as well. PJ caught it and pulled it, but after tugging, he was bumped away with Max. Pete smelled the fresh smell of a new newspaper. After that, he opened the newspaper and tried to find his ad. Outside the window, PJ was holding to the wild hose as Max ran after him. He found his ad, but it was only in a small corner of the newspaper. He wouldn't even consider that ad as one, and went out of the office. He thought of running his own paper to advertise his business, and switched of the air pump. Max and PJ fell down when the hose stopped. Pete asked them their English grades. Despite the boys' bad grades, Pete decided to hire them as his star reporters for his very own newspaper.

At Goofy's house, Goofy was fixing the light bulb. Pete busted in, causing an accident for Goofy as his ladder was knocked down, so Goofy held on the lamp, which slid into the wall where Goofy hit it. Pete talked to him about the way the boys needed to be ready for the real world, and Goofy agreed, while removing his head from the wall he was stuck in, but was slammed to a wall and smashed by his clock through the floor. Pete told Goofy his plan: starting his own newspaper. But then, Pete wanted Goofy to prepare the boys for their reporting duty. He also told him that he will gain 75% of profit from the business. Goofy then gave Pete some coins from his coin dispenser.

While the boys were at Goofy's house, Goofy retrieved a box of reporters' clothes (adult-sized) and have the boys wear them. Just as Max and PJ were going to be reporting, Goofy stopped them, handing a book so that they will have some knowledge on reporting. Max took the book and read it, thus starting the "How To" sequence.

(Read the "How to be a Reporter" in "Quotes". Basically, throughout the lesson, Max and PJ chose to report Chainsaw as a subject)

In Goofy's backyard, Goofy was pushing a printing machine he bought, while Pete was relaxing on his reclining chair. Goofy reached the tree house, and spat his hands before carrying it up the tree house. Pete poked Goofy's butt, sending him flying into the tree house with the machine.

Pete carried a sheet of ad and told Goofy that he wanted it printed on every page. Max and PJ gave Goofy their articles, and Goofy started the printing process.

After that, Pete drove his car to a corner to drop the boys to see the newspapers. Max and PJ sold papers to people in the street. They read the article in the newspaper about Chainsaw and didn't like it, so they demanded their money back. Pete wondered what was going on, and read the newspaper. After reading it, Pete thought it was awful too, and so he went to criticise it badly and went off. Max and PJ walked off the street sad.

In Pete's house, Pete burnt the printed newspapers in the fireplace. Goofy told him that he was being too harsh on the boys, and he needed to take them lightly. When Goofy mentioned "do the things people want to read", Pete was inspired with an idea and pulled Goofy outside with him.

At night, Pete presented Goofy and the boys with the latest technology: a supercomputer. Goofy went to switch it on, but the water filter beside it caused a short circuit, which caused the computer to break down. Pete demanded compensation from Goofy.

On the next day, Max and PJ entered Pete's office in reporters' outfit, and Pete was expecting them. They interviewed him. Max asked the questions while PJ took the pictures. Max kept asking him questions while he answered, but they were rushing. After all this fuss, Pete told them to keep quiet and told them to instead, write about his nice cars (Max was already questioning about Pete's quality of business).

Max walked in the street with a slightly disappointed attitude with PJ because his ability was underestimated. When he leaned on a newspaper dispenser, he saw fake news headlined "Three-headed Chicken Gives Birth to Hockey Team". He had a spark of genius on how they could drum up their newspaper business.

Max made up a photo of a "mutant half-human, half-rutabaga, half-hamster alien consumes citizens of Spoonerville. Else in among dozens reported missing." PJ wasn't really sure about this, but Max told PJ what Pete told them: if they don't stretch the truth a little, no one will believe them.

Outside, Goofy fixed the printing machine and tested it, causing him to be rolled in the rollers and turned into a newspaper in the process. Pete told Goofy that he wanted to put his face (in a sticker) on every copy of the newspaper (1001 copies). Max and PJ told the men that they had the newspaper ready. After Goofy put the papers in for printing, he started printing, so Pete told them to celebrate with double fudge ice-creams, sponsored by Goofy. After they ran for ice-cream, the machine shook the box of Pete stickers until it fell into the printing machine itself. Also, after the printing, Pete's face was imprinted on every picture of the mutant.

In the morning, a truck was loaded with newspapers. Pete told the boys to deliver the papers to everyone in Spoonerville. As the truck of papers moved out, Max and PJ started spreading the papers (when no one was around yet).

Goofy was at home reading the self-published paper. When he eventually realised that Pete was a "mutant alien", he panicked and ran, to Pete's house. Pete was in bed enjoying a nice TV show, hoping to see many customers the next day. Goofy broke into Pete's room to tell him that he was a "mutant alien", which Pete was surprised about until he saw the picture.

As Max and PJ were delivering the papers, Pete (who was annoyed) drove the car, while Goofy retrieve the papers in an attempt to save his image. Max was still delivering the papers, while Goofy and Pete took every paper delivered in Hugh's Hotel. Goofy took a paper at the edge, but fell down the stairs by the head, landing on Pete.

Max and PJ threw the papers some more, and one of them landed on a Doberman Pinscher (a black dog). Pete dropped Goofy to pick the papers, and Goofy picked one near the dog. Seeing and hearing the dog's threat, Goofy immediately ran away from the dog, which chased him. Goofy continued taking back the papers that was delivered as the Doberman chased him. As he ran, Pete picked him up.

Back at Pete's house, Goofy counted the papers, and counted all 1000 of them. He rested on the pile after that. Max and PJ asked what was going on, and just as Pete was going to scold the boys, he wanted to rest first before he did. Max decided that he won't publish the phoney story after all, and decided to put the story on TV. PJ pleaded Max not to do it, as they had been into serious trouble already.

At night, Pete switched on the TV while he slept. On TV, there was a news flash, featuring Pete as the mutant alien. When Pete saw this, he made a global scream so loud that the whole world could hear him.

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