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Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 45

Big City Blues

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 06, 1992 on
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Episode Summary

Big City Blues
Max and P.J. forget all their troubles and cares and go Downtown, where things are not great for their dads who go off searching for them.

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  • A great lesson on value

    This episode is a great way on telling people how grateful their current lives are. You see, Max and PJ were bored at their peaceful home with nothing to do, until they decided to go the the city after mistakenly hearing Pete telling them to go there. The boys went there, but soon found out that the city was worse than their current lifestyle, with pollution and callous people. They even met tramps in the streets, and this is when they decided that what life was for them was actually considered a blessed life.

    Of course, with the boys going to town on their own, their fathers won't let them go there on their own. This is because they knew how dangerous life was there, and went after them with care and love.

    If you're looking for an episode to tell you how great your life was (being able to watch it for sure), then watch it! It's a classic moral-telling story.moreless
Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

PJ (Pete Junior)

Dana Hill

Dana Hill

Maximillian "Max" Goof

Bill Farmer

Bill Farmer


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

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    • Buster: (sings) Yo it's raining yeah it's-a-pouring. Uh-oh
      (Buster notices Max and PJ.)
      Buster: Hey, boys. Take a load off.
      Max: Thanks.
      PJ: Thank you, sir.

    • Taxi Driver: That'll be a mere 103 dollars and 37 cents, gentlemen.
      Pete: We ain't payin' see! You've been driving us in
      circles to run up your meter!
      Taxi Driver: Oh, is that right? Is that right?
      Is that right? Are you talking to me? Well I got some
      news for you. I'm callin' the cops you welchers.
      You'll get yours, and I'm gonna get mine.

    • Spike: What're you two doin' here?
      Saxophone player: Hey what's that you got Spike?
      Spike: I found these two kids snoopin'
      Saxophone player: Oh snoopin' huh?
      PJ: Ah…Ah… C'mon Max!
      (PJ sneezes and Spike drops him and Max.)
      Max: On our tails, man! Haul buns Peejster!

    • Pete: (hysterically) But there's weirdos downtown and
      killer bees and people wearing neo-post modern fashions!
      Crocogators in the sewers and all sorts of icky stuff like that!

    • Swindler: (from shell game hidden inside his suitcase) One, two, three,
      find the pea, big money's easy as A, B, C what I mean?
      (To Max) What do you say young man? Care to give it a whirl?

    • Goofy: (singing) Hundred bottles of Milk on the Wall Hundred bottles of Milk If one of them bottles happen to fall there's 99 bottles of Milk on the Wall. (The drivers sing with him)

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