Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 55

Buddy Building

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Nov 20, 1992 on
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Buddy Building
A new physically fit kid in town, Coupe Hatchback, had PJ's attention as a buddy, but Max thought that his friendship will be threatened if he couldn't get fit. Meanwhile, Pete and his rival Harold Hatchback were searching for a celebrity to promote their businesses.

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    Nancy Cartwright

    Nancy Cartwright

    Pistol Pete

    Jim Cummings

    Jim Cummings


    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    PJ (Pete Junior)

    April Winchell

    April Winchell

    Peg Pete

    Dana Hill

    Dana Hill

    Maximillian "Max" Goof

    Frank Welker

    Frank Welker

    Giblet the Clown

    Guest Star

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen


    Guest Star

    Connor Duffy

    Connor Duffy

    Coupe Hatchback

    Guest Star

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (3)

      • Technical Error: While Max waved to Ronald Strudelnasher as he left, his Funny Feet (inflatable shoes) weren't inflated, but before and after that scene, it was inflated.

      • Harold and Coupe Hatchback are father and son and so are there Voice Actors Patrick and Connor Duffy.

      • Harold Hatchback and Biff Fuddled from the episodes Slightly Dinghy and Wreck, Lies, & Videotape and host of America's Most Painful Home Videos look a lot alike.

    • QUOTES (33)

      • Coupe: I want to thank you guys for counting me in. I was getting tired of talking to dumbbells all the time.
        Max: No problem. I mean, there's always room for another bud.
        PJ: Absolutely positively!

      • PJ: Uh…let me help you out with those cloghoppers, Maxie. (Was about to remove Max's Funny Feet)
        Max: Thanks, PJ. (Don't need PJ's help)
        PJ: Hey, buds are supposed to help each other, amirite? (Removed one of Max's Funny Feet)
        Max: Right, Peejster!

      • Harold: Now when we meet Ronald, let me ask him about doing the commercials.
        Pete: Wait a minute, let me do the talking! After all, I am a better salesman.
        Harold: What? You couldn't sell a good deed to Mother Teresa!
        Pete: Well, you couldn't sell ice to an Eskimo, yeah!

      • Ronald: (Hung on a crane and in danger) Help, help! Somebody forgot to hire a stunt double!

      • Goofy: Lookie, an autographed rubber chicken! To Giblet: "I hope your smile is on the inside."
        Max: It must've fallen out of Giblet's car!
        Coupe: There's more! Come on!
        (Everyone followed the trail)

      • PJ: Hey, we're looking for Ronald Strudelnasher. Have you seen him?
        Giblet: Sure, I sold him my car.
        Pete: I couldn't sell one to a termite.

      • Max: Did you find him?
        Harold: Nah, we probably did, but it turned out to be him. (Referred to Giblet)
        Giblet: Hey, I've seen him, but I you've mistake me for a movie star it's in the jeans, you know.

      • Goofy: (Slid on a slide and landed on a sandbox) A-hyuck, yah-hoo-hoo-hoo! Wahoo!
        Max: Pop, I think we can safely say Ronald is not in the playground.
        Goofy: (Played with sand) Well, he sure is missing out, a-hyuck, oh-ho-ho-ho-ho-HO!

      • Goofy: 1900 hours. Shucks, that gives us plenty of time!
        Max: Wow.

      • Recording: Your mission: to find Ronald Strudelnasher. Take no prisoners, only autographs. This tape will self-destruct in 5 seconds. (Explodes on Pete) pardon me, 2 seconds.

      • Ronald: How much do you want for it?
        Giblet: Well...unless the blue book price is...let's see...
        Ronald: (Gives tons of cash) This ought to cover it!
        Giblet: Hmm!
        Ronald: For now, goodbye, clown peasant.
        Giblet: Oh, thanks a mill(ion)!

      • Ronald: Excuse me, little clown peasant.
        Giblet: Argh! Stay back! I've got wiener dog balloons and I know how to use 'em!
        Ronald: I need your car.
        Giblet: It's yours. Take it!
        Ronald: You see, my fans are too much. I need to get away for a while.
        Giblet: Oh, I could totally relate!

      • (After Max fell down on the ground)
        Giblet: Ow! Poor little fella…better not sue me.

      • Pete: O-la-la.
        (Bumped into Harold Hatchback)
        Pete: If it ain't Harry Hatchback.
        Harold: Hey-hey, old boy.
        Pete: So what are you doing, scrounging more celebrities for your idiot TV commercials?
        Harold: Looks like you're doing the same thing.
        Pete: No way! I don't need Ms. Facial Hair to sell RVs!
        Girls: Oh, no way, it's Ronald Strudelnasher (Squeals)!
        (Ronald Strudelnasher walked past)
        Harold: Ronald Strudelnasher! He'll be perfect for my next commercial!
        Pete: No way, he's mine!
        (They chase Ronald)

      • Max: If I don't outgrow some muscles fast, I'm going to lose my best bud.
        Giblet: Alright, alright...hold on. I think I got something that might help. (Search through toy car) Ooo...what a mess. I've got to find that thing.

      • Max: Sigh...
        Giblet: Hey, squirt, you're going to ruin my business with that face.
        Max: Giblet, I've got the pushy, skinny little boy blues.
        Giblet: Oh, I hate those...worse than the rubber nose rash.

      • Max: Hey thanks, Coupe. Um, not that I couldn't handle a wimp like Leech myself.
        Coupe: Hey, no problemo. Sorry I spoilt your fun.

      • Leech: Let me go, man.
        Coupe: What did you say? (Placed Leech on a tree branch)
        Leech: (Cries) I'm sorry, I'm sorry!
        Coupe: Alright, I'll let you go. (Released Leech, causing him to catapult through the horizon)

      • Leech: Heh heh, oh lame.
        Coupe: Take a siesta, Leech.
        Max & PJ: Whoa!
        Leech: Huh? Oh no.
        Max: Coupe Hatchback?
        Coupe: I've got my coup now.

      • Giblet: Hey kid, want a balloon?
        PJ: I believe as members of the Best Bud club, we better take a no.
        Max: Absolutely. Survey says…
        Max & PJ: Neeeeh!
        Max: (Pulled Giblet's nose) No thanks.
        (Max & PJ laughed)
        Giblet: Oh, look at them rugrats, so full of life and energy. What's their problem?

      • Pete: Now, keep an eye for anybody who is famous.
        Max: You got it, Mr. P.
        PJ: Yes sir.
        Goofy: Gawrsh, maybe I could get some autographs fixed, a-hyuck!

      • Peg: Well, if Spoonerville has any celebrities at all, they're probably out trying ot get a tan.
        Pete: That's it, I'll got to Lake Chester! Everybody and anybody goes there to bake in the sun!
        Peg: Oh, great! Keep the boys, will you? Pistol and I are going shopping.
        Pete: But, muffin...
        Peg: (Smooches) Bye bye, muffin.
        Pete: How does she do that?

      • Max: Raise your hand for the solemn Best Bud oath. I, Max and PJ, vow to be best buds forever.
        PJ: Yeah, and pledge allegiance to fun, food, and-
        Max: And-and-and the pursuit of goofing off.
        Max & PJ: Excellent!
        (PJ tripped on a baseball and fell on a hammock)
        Max: Peej!
        PJ: I think our club needs a coordination coordinator.

      • Max: You think your dad will ever let us down again?
        PJ: Sure, the TV breaks down.
        Max: Hey, it's no biggie. We'll just make this our exclusive club for Best Buds. Only two members allowed: us.
        PJ: A Best Bud club?

      • Pete: Tighter, come on! You, spuds, I said tighter! (Wheezes) That's right, I tell you, I can take it, that's it, that's it, you get it, good! Now tie it up! Quick, quick! (Max and PJ tied the rope on the beams. The rope was attached to Pete's corset) There, you see, you need to be in shape to be in shape, something huge. That's the American way.
        (There was a quake)
        Max: Uh, Mr. P, I don't think this is such a good idea.
        Pete: What are you talking about, you Goof, we're sitting in Hollywood, Hollywood all the time!
        (There was shaking again)
        PJ: Yes, sir, but this is not Hollywood.
        (Corset knots breaking)
        Pete: Oh no!
        (Garage crumbled)

      • Pete: Enough of that old techno-logy; that's why they call those ol' wimps a dumb-bell! Hahaha!

      • (After loading truck unloaded crates and left the dust)
        PJ: Golly, sir, what's going on?
        Max: Yeah, looks like you've taken up boxing, (Laughs) get it? Boxing!
        Pete: Don't just stand there making jokes; help me get this stuff inside!

      • (Pete raided the fridge for food)
        Peg: My, that Harold Hatchback is in wonderful shape, isn't he? No wonder his commercials are so popular!
        (Pete put the food back in the fridge)
        Pete: What, good shape? Commercials, eh? Well, if that's what sells cars, I have plenty in the bank! (Raises chest, but soon dropped)
        Peg: If that's what sells cars, your piggy bank is empty.

      • Harold: Hey, this little number will be a wish come true if you're man enough to come down here right now and make a deal, like Spoonerville's beloved Police Chief!
        Pete: Hey, no fair, using famous kind celebrities!
        Police Chief: I tell you, I'm not leaving until somebody buys me one of these cars!
        Harold: Thanks, Chief, it's been a thrill.

      • Harold: I'll bet you'll wish that you have the guts to own a hot red Gaz Guzzo as sure as panicking sports car, don't you?
        Pete: What I wish is you to dry up and fertilise the posts, you tailpipe-breath!

      • Pistol: It's time to take our walk, you cute little baby. (Puts pacifier in Waffles' mouth. Waffles growls.)

      • Max: Well if you have all the wishes in the world, what would you wish for?
        PJ: Aw man, I'll be the best in everything. I'll be the best basketball player, baseball player, race car driver and…and definitely the best skater – Whaaah! (Lost balance on skates)

      • PJ: How come when someone gets three wishes on TV they always blow it?
        Max: Nah Peej, they're just cartoons. They don't know any better.
        PJ: I mean, everyone knows you just wish for more wishes.

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    • ALLUSIONS (4)

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