Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 10

Cabana Fever

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 18, 1992 on
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Cabana Fever
Pete has been tired of dealing with Goofy, so he has decided to go on a vacation to a far away island. However, his vacation is interrupted when he discovers that Goofy has also taken a vacation to that exact same island.

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  • Pete will never have to worry about missing Goofy.

    Another way to describe this episode is: wacky and action-packed.

    Pete thought he could enjoy his peace and quiet when Peg and the kids were away, but he thought wrong, with Goofy the only obstacle between him and peace.

    Pete's voyage to a tranquil island was shattered when he accidentally brought Goofy with him in his escape from civilisation. Unfortunately, Pete was trapped on the island by a hungry shark.

    How will Pete get away from Goofy for good? Goofy had to save his life. Goofy couldn't even save him from the shark, so Pete decided to dump Goofy.

    That was one half of the episode. I'll leave you, the reader to see how it all turned out, because all the crazy stuff lies on the second half. I won't spoil the fun, so make sure you see where this is going! Enjoy!moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Pistol Pete

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

PJ (Pete Junior)

April Winchell

April Winchell

Peg Pete

Dana Hill

Dana Hill

Maximillian "Max" Goof

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    • Peg: See, I knew you two would be pals. Next time, I'll leave you two here for a week.
      (Pete faints, Goofy ate popcorn)
      Peg: Oh, and look kids, daddy made dinner.

    • Pete: How can I get rid of you?
      Goofy: You can't, you saved my life!
      Pete: So? We all make mistakes.
      Goofy: Things could go wrong. I'm in your debt till I can pay you back.
      Pete: Lemme get this straight: I saved your life,
      Goofy: Mmhmm.
      Pete: So you won't go away till you saved mine?
      Goofy: Bingo!
      Pete: Wait right here. (Ran off)

    • Pete: Haaah…alone at last, away from anything, and everything. (Opened chest with key)
      Goofy: (Popped up from chest) Long time no see, A-Hyuck!
      Pete: I'm gonna pulverize you! (Takes club and ready to club Goofy)
      Goofy: You want the last cookie? A-Hyuck!
      Pete: My food!
      Goofy: (licked fingers) They're delicious!
      (Pete stomped on the club angrily)

    • (Goofy was trying to cut Pete's toenails)
      Goofy: A-Hyuck, oh-hohohoho. This will take you- (Accidentally hurt Pete's toe)
      Pete: Oooo! What are you doing?
      Goofy: Trimming your toenails, A-Hyuck!
      Pete: Why on earth would you be trimming my toenails?
      Goofy: 'cause I was done cuttin' your hair!
      (Shows Pete his reflection)
      Pete: Waaaaaaaaaa!
      Goofy: Do you really like it? Peekaboo!
      (Pete throws Goofy out of the house)
      Goofy: Ah-hoo-hoo-hoo-hooey! He likes it! A-Hyuck!

    • (Amidst the mass of popcorn in the living room)
      Pete: Hmm…this is gonna take me till supper to get rid off. (Eats popcorn)

    • (Pete was relaxing by putting his feet in hot water)
      Goofy: Hello, Pete!
      Pete: Wha-ah! How did you get in here?
      Goofy: Glad that your window was open. Here, I brought you a present. (Gave Pete a karate frog figurine) Ah-hyuck! My very first model kit.
      Pete: Ooo, I don't want these stupid things.
      Goofy: My very prized possession; it's for saving my life.
      Pete: (Hmm…And for saving my boat.)

    • Peg: Now Dimple-knees, try and be friendly with Goofy while we're gone, OR ELSE!
      Pete: Yes Cookie-chin, drive safely, Snookums.
      Peg: (kissed Pete all over his face) Love you, love you.
      (PJ was disgusted, Pistol is clueless and Max grosses out)

    • (After Goofy crushed the roof on the van due to his weight from the duffel bag)
      Pete: My van!
      Peg: No, my van. You can put a sun roof there when we get back. NOW PICK UP THE DOG!

    • Pete: Oh, but Walnut-shell, you're only going away for a weekend. Why do you need the dog?
      Peg: Good Bombs, what if we run into a herd of marauding chipmunks?
      (Chainsaw growls)
      Pete: (To Chainsaw) Rabies on your family tree.

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