Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 23

Cat's Entertainment

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Oct 07, 1992 on
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Cat's Entertainment
As a get-rich-quick scheme, Pete tricked Goofy into giving Waffles away so that he could earn money by putting Waffles into a cat food commercial to replace celebrity cat Horus (who passed away). However, will Pete succeed?

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      • (Pushed Goofy into the kitchen)
        Pete: Hahaha, wasn't a salesman after all; just my Goofhead neighbour.
        Goofy: We need to talk about Waffles.
        Averill Carp: What does this individual got to do with Waffles?
        Pete: Well, uh, he means, er, bouncing waffles! Er, I got a recipe, he's on a wonderboree, normally we'll call: cooking. Yeah. Back in a second, Carp.

      • Max: (After looking at a book) Dad, none of these cat books said anything about Waffles' condition.
        Goofy: Never mind that, Maxie; all we have to do is paint the house chartreuse. (Opens a paint can)
        Max: Okay. But I still think there's something fishy going on.

      • Peg: (Sniffs) Petey, that cat smells.
        Pete: Well of course he does, Peggums; if you pick through trash cans all day, you'll smell too! (Laughs heartily)
        Pistol: Hahaha, that's funny, daddy.

      • Goofy: Isn't this exciting Maxie? They're making a genuine(jare-new-why-nee) television commercial.
        Max: Yeah. With my cat.

      • Pete: Ah…a prefect Sunday afternoon – wife's out shopping, kids are off kidding around, and it's kick-around time. (Switched on TV showing a football game)

      • Goofy: Oh, Chainsaw likes it.
        Averill Carp: What did you say? (See Chainsaw eats cat food) A dog? Eating chockfull mackerel? Ah yes. A cat food so delicious even dogs love it! Waffles is out, Chainsaw is in. Let's get him his contract immediately.

      • Max: Dad!
        Goofy: What's the matter, Maxie?
        Max: (Show his dad a page of a book) Waffles can't be allergic to the colour of our house! It says here that cats are colour-blind.
        Goofy: Gawrsh, Maxie, maybe Waffles haven't read that book.
        Max: Dad!
        Goofy: Or…maybe Pete is up to something.

      • Goofy: (Painting a wall) All the folks paint with different strokes.

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    • ALLUSIONS (3)

      • The episode title, "Cat's Entertainment", is a play on word for "That's Entertainment", a series of documentaries celebrating the films of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer that spawned two sequels. Also refers to three song titles, a TV series, and a catchphrase in the movie "Raging Bull".

      • Can-can:

        The dance done by the deceased celebrity cat Horus was dubbed as the "Horus Can-can". Can-can is a physically-demanding dance performed by female dancers wearing costumes with long skirts, petticoats and black stockings. Despite this, Horus and Waffles (who also performed the dance) aren't female and didn't wear clothes.

      • "Different strokes for different folks":

        While Goofy painted a wall, he said: "All the folks paint with different strokes." It is based on the aforementioned idiom, which means that different people like or need different things.

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