Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 13

Clan of the Cave Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Dec 05, 1992 on Disney Channel

Episode Recap

=== Present (Goofy's House) === In the living room, Goofy tested his Rube Goldberg machine to bring a can of soda from the fridge to his couch. Goofy wasn't too careful with the pressure in the can, so he lost all the soda in it when he opened it. Max wanted to go to a concert that he will be going, but Goofy stopped him to remind him that he had a dentist appointment to attend, which he insist Max to go as it was essential for his health. He told the story of Caveman Goof, an inventor, and the event that happened at that time that proved his point. === Past (Caveman Goof) === (** For convenience, Caveman Goof will be called Goofy) Goofy** was showing his inventions (boomerang and pogo stick), but Chief Pete was angry grumpy at him due to Goofy's accidentally hurting him with his inventions. Therefore, Pete sent him far away. Soon, Peg called him for dinner, which he gladly heeded. However, there was one problem: the food was unpalatable, as there was no fire to cook the food. Peg convinced him to bring fire back home so that he could have tasty food, so Pete called Goofy to do the job. He told Goofy to go to the Cave of the Knowledge for advice, which Goofy feared going (because no one returned alive). So, Pete forced him to do it, otherwise Goofy will be fed to the brontosaurus. And so, Goofy set off to search for the Cave of Knowledge. === Present (Goofy's House) === Max inquired about the story about the importance of going to the dentist, but Goofy told him to continue to listen to that part. === Past (Caveman Goof) === After some rough misadventures, Goofy reached the Cave. There, he met the Wise One (She looked like Pistol), where he asked for information on how to create fire. Goofy was given a book with thick slate pages. (Read "How to Make Fire" in "Quotes") Goofy wasn't able to build fire, and went back to the Cave with a cold. He was given chicken soup, and he added too much pepper, causing him to breathe fire. Some of the fire caught a table, so, with his newfound discovered, he brought the table which caught fire back to Pete. Goofy's reward was very little. With that fire, Peg baked delicious food for Pete to eat. He enjoyed all the food that was served for him. At night, Pete had a toothache. So, Peg ordered him to go to the dentist the next day. On the next day, Pete was at the dental clinic. One kid there told him a rumour that the dentist has a four-feet long drill at his disposal. When the dentist (*We'll call him Fester*) called his next patient, Pete saw his watering can and ran off scared, due to its resemblance to a drill. At night, Peg asked Pete about his trip to the dentist. Pete lied to her that he accomplished his appointment with the dentist, but was discovered lying when he ate a cake, flinched, and roared in pain. He was kicked out of the house until his toothache was cured. On his trip to a forest, Pete saw leafless trees calling him to "go to the dentist". There, he met Goofy. He begged Goofy to invent something to cure his toothache. Goofy used his squirting flower to spray his tooth, used hypnosis to make Pete sleep, and used volcanic lava to melt Pete's tooth, but none of the above worked because of poor execution. After that, Pete would sit on a wagon with his bad tooth tied to a tree (so that there will be enough force to force the tooth out of place). Goofy would then push him downhill, but there was a problem: wheels weren't invented. Therefore, the wagon won't budge. Goofy went back to the Cave of Knowledge to seek information on wheels, but the Cave was closed for renovation. So, Goofy had to figure out a way to go on. Soon, Goofy had inspiration on how to make wheels by tinkling with bones. Now the wagon had wheels, but the wheels were squarish. Even then, it was easier to push the wagon this time. However, Pete's bad tooth was stronger than the tree, so the tooth wasn't pulled. Because there were no brakes for the wagon, Pete had a ride of his life. He slid downhill, swung a vine past a river of crocodiles, was sprung up into the air by a mammoth and landed in the dental clinic. Luckily, one of Fester's appointments was cancelled, so Pete could have his. When Pete saw Fester's watering can (he still thought it was a drill), he fainted. When Pete woke up, he felt no pain in his mouth, but when he saw his bill, he screamed and fainted. === Present (Goofy's House) === Goofy told Max that prevention is better than cure. Max willing corresponded to going to the dentist for his check-up, but Goofy told him to wait for him, because he needed a check-up too. All the soda that he drank gave him a toothache. Excerpt: Goofy: So you see, Maxie, Pete could've avoided all that mess by going to the dentist in the first place. Max: I get the message, dad. I'm getting my teeth checked out right now. Goofy: Hold it, Maxie; maybe the dentist could squeeze me in too. Think I had one too many sodies. Owie.
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