Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 13

Clan of the Cave Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Dec 05, 1992 on



  • Trivia

    • Although the brontosaurus is an herbivore, in this episode it even eats meat. Caveman Goof was right about that fact, but Pete denied it.

    • Even though photography wasn't invented, a picture of Caveman Goof could be seen in Goofy's family album.

    • Technical Error: Towards the end, when Goofy finished telling the story of Caveman Goof, Max had two overhauls between three scenes. One was that he lost his cap, and the other was that his outfit completely changed (along with his lost cap).

    • Running Gag: The characters mentioned things that haven't been invented when either:
      - They couldn't do a specific thing because of the absence of the invention (Ex: Wheels)
      - The result without said invention was a failure. (Ex: Fire for cooking)

  • Quotes

    • (**Caveman Goof = Goofy**)

      "How to" Narrator:

      (*Clears Throat*) How to Make Fire

      [Chapter 1]

      The most rudimentary method requires taking two sticks and striking them together in a rhythmatic fashion. By doing this, one produces friction, thereby generating enough heat to create a spark.
      [*Goofy hit two sticks against each other in rhythm like a musical instrument. The picture of a person in the stone book frowned*] (Goofy: "A-hyuck! How am I doing?") Bad part, alright, but it's not fire.

      [Chapter 2]

      Another tyrannic method involves stalking the rare and elusive Flame-o-saurus.
      [*Flame-o-saurus spat fire at Goofy, while Goofy used a net to try to catch some spitfire*] Of course, actually catching the fire is a far more difficult matter, fraught with terror.
      [*Goofy got burnt, so he leapt into a puddle of water*]

      [Chapter 3]

      By far the most dangerous method of eliciting fire is through a makeshift use of a lightning rod: a kite. To accomplish this, it is necessary to hoist the kite to appropriate height.
      [*Goofy ran back and forth with a kite*] I said: Hoist the kite to appropriate height! (Goofy: "I'm trying! I'm trying!")
      [*Strong wind blows, and the kite string caught Goofy's leg, carrying him with it*] Now you're getting the hang of it.
      [*In the sky*] Once the kite receives its desired height, Mother Nature will do the rest.
      [*Lightning struck the kite, shocking Goofy. Goofy fell on the ground and left a depression. Goofy had static electricity around his body.*] However, beware of accompanying side effects, such as static cling.
      [*Trees, rocks and the Flame-o-saurus were attracted to Goofy. Goofy sneezed to release them, then there was rain above Goofy.*]

    • Pistol: So how did it go? Did you invent fire?
      Caveman Goof: (Shivers) Nope, but I think I invented the common cold. (Sneezes)

    • Caveman Goof: I think I've got to invent the tissue. I want to be able to blow my nose.
      Pistol: Gasp! I have just the thing to cure your cold! (Claps hands to call butler to bring soup)
      Caveman Goof: Gawrsh…I bet this is some ancient secret potion, passed down through the ages.
      Pistol: Actually, it's chicken soup. It'll make you feel better.

    • Caveman Goof: (Tasted chicken soup) A delicate OK, a nice nose, but a little bland. Think I'll have some spice. (Adds pepper)
      Pistol: Careful, that's hot stuff!
      Caveman Goof: A-hyuck, don't worry about me; I like a little zip on my food.

    • Caveman Goof: Don't worry, Pete. This stuff here is foolproof, and I'm just the fool to prove it.

    • (As the wagon rolled uncontrollably down the hill…)
      Pete: Where's the brake to this thing?!
      Caveman Goof: (Looks at screen) Brakes?

    • Goofy: So you see, Maxie, Pete could've avoided all that mess by going to the dentist in the first place.
      Max: I get the message, dad. I'm getting my teeth checked out right now.
      Goofy: Hold it, Maxie; maybe the dentist could squeeze me in too. Think I had one too many sodies. Owie.

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