Goof Troop

Season 2 Episode 13

Clan of the Cave Goof

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Dec 05, 1992 on



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    • (**Caveman Goof = Goofy**)

      "How to" Narrator:

      (*Clears Throat*) How to Make Fire

      [Chapter 1]

      The most rudimentary method requires taking two sticks and striking them together in a rhythmatic fashion. By doing this, one produces friction, thereby generating enough heat to create a spark.
      [*Goofy hit two sticks against each other in rhythm like a musical instrument. The picture of a person in the stone book frowned*] (Goofy: "A-hyuck! How am I doing?") Bad part, alright, but it's not fire.

      [Chapter 2]

      Another tyrannic method involves stalking the rare and elusive Flame-o-saurus.
      [*Flame-o-saurus spat fire at Goofy, while Goofy used a net to try to catch some spitfire*] Of course, actually catching the fire is a far more difficult matter, fraught with terror.
      [*Goofy got burnt, so he leapt into a puddle of water*]

      [Chapter 3]

      By far the most dangerous method of eliciting fire is through a makeshift use of a lightning rod: a kite. To accomplish this, it is necessary to hoist the kite to appropriate height.
      [*Goofy ran back and forth with a kite*] I said: Hoist the kite to appropriate height! (Goofy: "I'm trying! I'm trying!")
      [*Strong wind blows, and the kite string caught Goofy's leg, carrying him with it*] Now you're getting the hang of it.
      [*In the sky*] Once the kite receives its desired height, Mother Nature will do the rest.
      [*Lightning struck the kite, shocking Goofy. Goofy fell on the ground and left a depression. Goofy had static electricity around his body.*] However, beware of accompanying side effects, such as static cling.
      [*Trees, rocks and the Flame-o-saurus were attracted to Goofy. Goofy sneezed to release them, then there was rain above Goofy.*]

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