Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 8

Close Encounters of the Weird Mime

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 16, 1992 on
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Close Encounters of the Weird Mime
After Max and PJs science project goes awry, everyone in Spoonerville believes that an alien invasion is taking place.

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  • Applying science fiction in our friendly neighbourhood.

    Well, for starters, this episode is an excellent example on unintentional chaos done right. THis is because as a cartoon, the way the characters believe that there is an alien invasion in an otherwise impossible-in-real-life methods is what makes this exciting: it defies reality.

    Max wanted to help PJ with his science project, because he wanted to help him score that project. What do they do? Goofy "gave" them an idea. Because his mime suit looked like an alien, they decided to do an alien invasion! Isn't it fun? Well, not for them at first, because Pete refused to lend his VCR to the boys. Max decided to plug into Pete's VCR, even if it means extending the cables. What will happen then? Max had been plugging into the VCR without instructions, and that is when the chaos start: Max and PJ's alien play becomes so convincing that even scientists in NASA were stunned that they were about annihilated, as well as everyone in Spoonerville.

    As you could see, this is what makes a great cartoon go round. Humour mixing with chaos do wonders. Oh, and if you're watching this episode, watch out for Star Wars or Star Trek references, because you're bound to find one, from an episode orbiting the "space" theme.

    Watch it if you like cartoons, like space-related themes, or (of course) like Goof Troop in general. It's dramatically funny!moreless
Nancy Cartwright

Nancy Cartwright

Pistol Pete

Jim Cummings

Jim Cummings


Frank Welker

Frank Welker

Waffles & Chainsaw, Additional Voices

Rob Paulsen

Rob Paulsen

PJ (Pete Junior)

April Winchell

April Winchell

Peg Pete

Dana Hill

Dana Hill

Maximillian "Max" Goof

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (5)

    • Donald Duck made a cameo appearance in this episode, on one of the artist teacher's flash cards which he showed Goofy to act out what he showed as a mime. Goofy ducked.

    • Goofy mentioned Elvis' name in this episode. He mentioned about how he felt when he was buried with people who tried to capture him, because Goofy thought he was too famous to be alive.

    • Technical Error: After Pete stopped his bulldozer, the moat wasn't made in a full circle. From the next time the moat was seen, the moat was a full circle.

    • Technical Error: Even though Max and PJ referred to themselves as Tinfoilians, other people refer to them as Martians. Moreover, in the beginning, they referred to themselves as Tinfoilians, but they referred themselves as Martians.

    • Technical Error: In the beginning of the episode, the ball that fell out of the model solar system was a red ping pong ball (representing Mars), but when PJ went to retrieve the ball, the ball was white. It could either be a different ball or a technical error.

  • QUOTES (44)

    • Pete: Look what that sky flippin' flat flying Martian did to my barbecue. Boy, if I have a beer, I make him wished he never hatched. It's a good thing you're a million light years away, you foil-covered moron!

    • Goofy: Gawrsh, when I woke up, the TV crew was gone.
      Max: That's OK dad, I think we were too good for television anyway.
      Goofy: I was thinking the same thing, Max, that's why I dug up this here brochure on Hopiandi dancing. Our class starts Monday. You and I can work up a great routine and can take it on the road or something like that there-
      Max: (Buried his head in a pillow) Aw Sheesh!

    • Max: See Peej, nothing to it! Hey, where're you going?
      PJ: I'm going to look for those ping-pong balls and start over.

    • Person outside: We come in peace; we want to talk to you!
      Pete: Never, you purple people leaders! Let 'em have it, Jelly Jar!
      (Peg fired a watermelon and Pistol opened the door)
      Pistol: Fire!

    • Pete: Say Pistol pumpkin, how about a nice glass of water for daddy, huh?
      Pistol: No thanks, I'm not thirsty.

    • Peg: Wake up, sugar sauce; I think the aliens might have got you.
      Pete: Can we stay for the cartoons, Mama? Ow.

    • Goofy: Huh? Gawrsh! What's going on at Pete's house?
      Max: Oh, they're building a science fiction show, and they want you in it!
      Goofy: Really?
      Max: Yeah! The talent agents told us about it.
      PJ: They did?
      Max: Shh! Now put your helmet on, dad, and I'll fill you in.
      Goofy: Okey doke!

    • Scientist #1: What's wrong?
      Max: Quite simple, eh, he's got the cosmic chicken pox.
      Scientist #2: Is that dangerous?
      Max: First your teeth all change position, and then, and then your earwax melts. This is followed by house-itosis, gloated with liver and onions, and male-patterned baldness, and worse of all, it's very contagious.
      Scientist #2: C-c-c-c-contagious? Everyone bust out, run! Run!

    • Max (Disguised): Oh no! Professor, did you see that?
      PJ (Disguised): Gasp! This is terrible!
      Scientist #1: What is it?
      Max (Disguised): He says he's, er, er, cutting out of here!
      Scientist #1: Oh…why would he do that?
      PJ (Disguised): Er, because he's not feeling well.
      Scientist #1: Ah…we thought so.

    • Scientist #1: This looks bad.
      Max: It is bad, gentlemen.
      Scientist #1: And just who are you?
      Max (Disguised): Greetings colleagues, I am Dr. Maximillian and this is Prof. Peechfield. We-we're from the Federated League of ee-er…
      PJ (Disguised): Intergalactic Body Language.
      Max (Disguised): Yes, thank you professor.
      PJ (Disguised): My pleasure.
      Scientist #1: Wait-er-I've never hear of the-

    • PJ: Are you sure they got your dad in here?
      Max: NASA Headquarters, right? Now hop on to your spuds!

    • PJ: Max! What have we done?
      Max: (Covers PJ's mouth) Look, there's only one way to corrupt this mess!
      PJ: Mess up?
      Max: No, cover up! First, we gotta save dad!

    • Max: So is that an A+ project or what?
      PJ: Oh, yeah! I like the part about turning Lincoin's memorial into a video arcade!

    • Pete: You'll never grill on his earthling barbeque, you cosmic creepos!
      Helicopter pilot #1: That guy had lost his marbles!
      Helicopter pilot #2: Fear, probably.

    • Peg: Er, erm, er, er Peter, are you sure we shouldn't just leave town?
      Pete: A man's home is his castle, and I'm digging a moat. No galactic ghoul is gonna come along and wreck my royal stuff!

    • Military Lady: Sirs, we tracked down the alien signal. It's not coming from space; it's being sent here right from Earth!
      Scientist #1: Aliens have landed in Spoonerville!

    • Scientist #1: He knows what a typewriter is!
      (Goofy was smacking his head moving from left to right, and then back left again)

    • Peg: (To Pistol) Now honey, you have to hurry and pack your things because we have to leave right about…
      Pete: NO! We stay! Why, I worked hard for this stuff, and no fool and even man is gonna lay a penny on it, see? We're going to fight back!

    • Max (Acting): We are not joking, earthlings. Observe: This is to be Calamityville (shows a picture of a deserted crater). Ha ha ha ha. And we like Calamityville. You're next!
      Biff Fuddled: That broadcast was seen moments ago. Now please folks, remember: do not panic. (Panics and screams)
      Peg & Pistol: Told you so.
      Pete: M-M-M-M-M-M-Martians?

    • Pistol: It's true, daddy! Cosmic invaders bent on planetary annihilation out of this very instant.
      Pete: See? Now you got her doing it!
      Peg: Oh, shut your yap and open your eyes! (Pulled Pete into the house by the ear)

    • Pistol: Daddy-daddy, daddy-daddy!
      Peg: Aliens have invaded Spoonerville!
      Pete: You interrupted my alliteration for a cheap joke?

    • Max (Acting): Answer Earthlings, C3-PJ is calculating our attack. We plan to steal all your bases, and your food, and national monument, and-and…
      PJ (Acting): Corner chambers, and pogo sticks, and toothpaste…

    • (Goofy was in a blank room and a camera. He saw a camera)
      Goofy: [Thinking] Gawrsh…I must be in a TV studio! Hey, this might be my big shot at stardom, A-Hyuck! Better practice for my audition. (Act like a chicken)
      Scientist #1: Amazing! Why, he has the ability to act slyly against invisible gamma rays!

    • Man: Don't let him get away!
      Goofy: [Thinking] Now, now folks, come on, I'll still do free shows after I'm famous, A-Hyuck!
      (People pounced on Goofy)
      Goofy: [Thinking] Gawrsh! Now I know how Elvis felt!

    • (Goofy did a mime-in-a-box trick)
      Scientist #1: Careful, I think he's building a forcefield!
      Goofy: [Thinking] Gawrsh, must be talent agents! I wondered if they liked my get up.

    • (Goofy bowed, and the people gasped)
      Goofy: [Thinking] Shucks! They're already amazed. I haven't even started.

    • Goofy: [Thinking] Hey, a crowd! (Taps woman's shoulder)
      Woman: Find your own window! (Looked at Goofy again) Waaaah!
      (People backed away)
      Goofy: [Thinking] Oh boy, a campy audience!

    • Max (Acting): Attention earthlings, we are Tinfoilians from the planet Luminum.
      PJ (Acting): Yeah, Luminum.
      Max (Acting): I repeat, we are Tinfoilians from the planet Luminum. That is three zillion light years from your miserable little planet. I am Max-LTDK, and this is…
      PJ (Acting): Er, C3-PJ.
      Max (Acting): Our mission? Quite simple. To take over Earth!
      PJ (Acting): Yeah, and shut down all your schools!
      Max (Acting): That is right; we demand to speak to your leaders immediately.
      Scientist #1: Er yes sir; we're getting a signal from somewhere from outer space, sir.
      Max (Acting): A scout had been sent to communicate our demands. Please communicate or we'll dust ya.
      Scientist #1: I'm sure he's got a weapon. Well, it looks like some kind of sub-vacuous plutonic extricator, sir.
      Scientist #1: Panic indeed sir, just hope the public doesn't see this!
      (People gathered around the TV store watching Max and PJ acting as aliens)

    • (After wrapping themselves with tinfoil)
      Max: Wow! Every so often dad actually comes up with a good idea!
      PJ: I told you he looked like an alien.

    • PJ: Well, looks like we'll have to build that model after all.
      Max: No way! Your dad said we couldn't move the VCR, but he didn't say we couldn't plug into it.
      PJ: (Looks at screen) Huh?

    • Pete: Stop, time out, hold it right there!
      PJ: Oh dad! I need er…to borrow your VCR for my science project.
      Pete: And what happened to the ping pong balls I gave you?
      PJ: We're ma-ma-ma-making a science fiction video instead.
      Pete: Well, forget it!
      PJ: But why dad? I mean…
      Pete: You see, son, a man's home is his castle, so that makes me king; king of the house, the boat, the barbeque, the bowling trophies and especially the VCR. So that royal stuff is off-limits to peasants, like yourself, you understand!?
      PJ: Er…sort of?
      Pete: Good! Put it back.

    • (The coffee eroded the mug and fell on the ground, in which it emitted lava and fizzles)
      Pete: Yuck!
      (The mug broke into pieces)
      Pete: Hmm, maybe I could use it for charcoal lighter.

    • Peg: Oh, here, try this. (Hands Pete a mug of coffee)
      Pete: (Drinks it and had strange reactions, and spits some coffee out)
      Peg: Like it?
      Pete: Yeah (spits), what is this stuff?
      Peg: Tasmanian Tar Roast Coffee. It's on sale so I bought 50 pounds!

    • Max: (Searched through his closet) I found it! (Took a camcorder) Nuts, I forgot this needs a VCR, and ours are broken.
      PJ: Well, that's that.
      Max: I know! We'll use your dad's!
      PJ: Hey man, we touched dad's stuff. Boom! He will plaster us.

    • PJ: What about costumes, Max? I mean, we can't invade the earth with blue jeans.
      Max: I'll think of something, I always do.
      Goofy: (Came into room covered with a tinfoil costume) Ta-da! What do you think?
      Max: (To PJ) Dad's taking a pantomime class.
      PJ: What's he wearing?
      Goofy: Tinfoil! Dance like a harp, guess what I am?

    • Artist Teacher: Congratulations, Mr. Goof, you have just passed the after-humanity school street the author.
      Goofy: Really? Gawrsh! Wait till I tell Max!
      Artist Teacher: Now, get yourself a flashy costume, and you wear it, and bedazzle them!
      Goofy: Dazzle, yes sir!
      Artist Teacher: (Squeals) Don't ever speak while performing!
      Goofy: Nuh-uh.

    • Artist Teacher: (Shows Goofy a flash card of Donald Duck) Duck!
      Goofy: (Ducks)
      Artist Teacher: Oooh, interesting!

    • Artist Teacher: Oh, come come come, Goof, you must push yourself, think creative, visual!
      Goofy: Okie doke.
      Artist Teacher: Shh! No no no no, remember, remember, meems (mimes) do not talk.

    • PJ: Hey, wait a minute; don't movies take a lot of time, and work?
      Max: Trust me, space cadet.

    • Max: You need something now, and wow. A video!
      PJ: Wow, just like in the movies!

    • Max: Look bro, if you wanna ace this project, you need something sassier than a coat hanger.
      PJ: Oo, like what?
      Max: Think creative, visual, comets! Think comets, quasars, novas, supernovas, yummy novas!
      PJ: Hey, yeah!

    • (Ping pong ball fell out from the model solar system again)
      Max: Puh-lease! Just looking at it makes my eyes yawn.
      PJ: Come on, it's not that bad, really!
      (The other ping pong balls fell out from the model solar system)
      Max: Yes it is, really!

    • PJ: Earth, Venus, Pluto, Mars. Round and round the sun and stars! (Red ping pong ball fell out of the model solar system)
      Max: Mars fall out of orbit. Take eleven.

    • Pete: Ahhh! Alien eggs!!
      Grabs a stick and hits the "alien eggs" (Potatoes in tinfoil) continuously
      Pistol: So that's how you make mashed potatoes.

  • NOTES (2)


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