Goof Troop

Season 1 Episode 8

Close Encounters of the Weird Mime

Aired Daily 1:00 PM Sep 16, 1992 on Disney Channel

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  • Applying science fiction in our friendly neighbourhood.

    Well, for starters, this episode is an excellent example on unintentional chaos done right. THis is because as a cartoon, the way the characters believe that there is an alien invasion in an otherwise impossible-in-real-life methods is what makes this exciting: it defies reality.

    Max wanted to help PJ with his science project, because he wanted to help him score that project. What do they do? Goofy "gave" them an idea. Because his mime suit looked like an alien, they decided to do an alien invasion! Isn't it fun? Well, not for them at first, because Pete refused to lend his VCR to the boys. Max decided to plug into Pete's VCR, even if it means extending the cables. What will happen then? Max had been plugging into the VCR without instructions, and that is when the chaos start: Max and PJ's alien play becomes so convincing that even scientists in NASA were stunned that they were about annihilated, as well as everyone in Spoonerville.

    As you could see, this is what makes a great cartoon go round. Humour mixing with chaos do wonders. Oh, and if you're watching this episode, watch out for Star Wars or Star Trek references, because you're bound to find one, from an episode orbiting the "space" theme.

    Watch it if you like cartoons, like space-related themes, or (of course) like Goof Troop in general. It's dramatically funny!